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Internets, Many of us had our doubts about Jay-Z when he sold the black community down the river in e

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Many of us had our doubts about Jay-Z when he sold the black community down the river in exchange for a deal to produce the Super Bowl halftime show, but word on the street is that he was influential in the planning of the sham quasi-slave auction for Colin Kaepernick, scheduled for this weekend.
I guess he showed us!
It was announced the other day that Kaepernick is being given a surprise tryout of sorts with, potentially, every team in the NFL, to be held on Saturday in Atlanta.
Kaepernick’s been trying to get back into the league ever since he was let go from the San Francisco 49ers, or whatever happened to him. He’s not barred from playing in the league, per the terms of his settlement. It’s just that none of the teams have been willing to give him a fair shake, because they’re run by white supremacists.
Supposedly, Kaepernick is good enough that he could start for several current NFL teams, let alone play backup. I wouldn’t know, because I don’t watch much football—not because I’m concerned that so many of the players beat their wives, or that the owners, if you will, are all Trump supporters, but because I’ve got books to read, natch.
However, Kaep is 32 years old, which is entirely too old to be trying to play pro sports, if what I can remember of what it felt like to be 32 years old is any indication. There were times when I could hardly bring myself to get out of bed, and it wasn’t because I couldn’t stand to face the people I worked with—I was out of a job at the time.
A few sports experts on Twitter are concerned that Kapernick has only been given a few days to prepare. This despite the fact that he supposedly works out every day of the week as if he were still in the league. (It’s definitely his white side, by the way, that’s been showing up on time for practice every day when he doesn’t even have to. Not to engage in any stereotyping. I’m just saying.)
There’s also concern that none of the teams will be sending anyone who can actually sign Kaepernick. Apparently, the only day NFL teams get off during the season is Tuesday. On Saturday they’re busy getting ready for the game or whatever. The scouts are off attending college games, which, as I recall from when I was in college, take place on Saturday afternoons.
All of the teams are invited to attend, and I’ve heard speculation that literally all of them will be sending someone, if not an actual scout, if only because none of them want to run the risk of being the only team that didn’t even pretend to be interested in signing Kaepernick. That would be terrible optics, and lord knows Jay-Z’s got enough problems these days—99 to be exact. LOL
After the part where he throws a ball through a hoop, like a circus seal, then strips naked, turns his head and coughs, or whatever they do at these things, there’s an interview. I’d be very curious to see what they ask him in this interview. Supposedly, the workout will be televised (I’ve already got it set to record), but I’m assuming the interview part won’t be.
Presumably, the purpose of the interview is to ask him if he intends to continue kneeling during the national anthem. Refraining from doing so might be a condition of him signing with a team. I can’t imagine what else they would ask him. This is, after all, the NFL, i.e. the same league in which my idol Lawrence Phillips once played.
If Kaepernick works out this weekend and for whatever reason doesn’t end up signing with a team, it’ll seem like the NFL finally gave him a fair shake and he just wasn’t good enough. Worse, Jay-Z will get credit for almost getting Kaep back in the league, despite this whole thing being an obvious sham for PR purposes.
Arguably, Jay-Z’s reputation should only be diminished as a result of his dealings with the NFL, regardless of what happens this weekend. But certainly he shouldn’t receive any credit if Kaep doesn’t get back in the league.
If Memphis Bleek could be signed to Roc-A-Fella Records, there’s no reason why Colin Kaepernick can’t be in the NFL.
Take it easy on yourself,

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