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Why should Blac Chyna receive child support?

Why should Blac Chyna receive child support?
By Byron Crawford • Issue #394 • View online
The war on black fathers has escalated to the point where it’s affecting guys who aren’t even black.
Though I guess Rob Kardashian is kinda black. It’s never been clear to me what he does for a living.
His sisters have had sex with a lot of black guys, which means a lot to me personally. I’ve yet to score with any of them, but I appreciate the fact that I could, if I were in the NBA.
Witnessing that much “interracial dating” must have required a great sacrifice on Rob’s part. It couldn’t have been easy watching so many brothers show up to his house, knowing good and well what they were there to do. (They certainly weren’t there to enquire about legal services.)
Many of them were professional athletes, so there wasn’t much he could do, despite being a fairly large guy himself. He could have taken out Tyga, but he’d already long since given up on life by the time the rapper started grooming Kylie Jenner. He was at the acceptance stage of the Kubler-Ross five stages of grief.
Plus, Tyga and Rob Kardashian are Eskimo brothers, or whatever the term is when two guys have babies by the same woman. (I feel like there should be an official term for this relationship, given how common it is in certain communities.)
Rob and Tyga both have babies by Blac Chyna, who was on Twitter the other day complaining that she had to get rid of three of her cars, to better take care of her kids, since she doesn’t receive child support.
The Shade Room screencapped the tweet and posted it on Instagram. In the comments there, both Rob Kardashian and Tyga responded. They both said that they pay to put their kids through private school, take care of them most days of the week and provide various other forms of financial support.
(If were them, I’d keep track of every dollar I spent on those kids, just in case. If there’s not already an app for that, someone should create one. Call it, or something to that effect.)
One of them said that they had their kid Monday through Saturday, and the other one has his kid Tuesday through Saturday, raising the question of what Blac Chyna is doing that she can’t take care of her kids. Do I even want to know?
Maybe the judge in these cases is aware of Chyna’s ho tendencies, and he doesn’t want the kids spending too much time around her, lest it rubs off on them. She might only be allowed supervised visitation, on Sunday afternoons at a Burger King that still has a ball pit.
Kanye might need to see who that judge is. I know he had similar concerns about his own kids, given how their mother became famous in the first place. He tried to keep North West off Instagram, which is how a lot of these girls get turned out, and people tried to make it seem as if he was threatening Pete Davidson.
They just don’t want to see black men taking care of their kids.
I’d also insist that I shouldn’t have to pay child support, if I’m keeping the kids most of the time—which, I’d argue, should be the rule anyway. The term child support suggests that the mother is involved in the child’s upbringing. If she’s not, I’m at a loss for why she would need any help.
It’s easy to sit around all day not doing anything productive or appropriate, with minimal regard for children, I would imagine.
Take it easy on yourself,


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