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Why I take advice from rappers


Life in a Shanty Town

August 27 · Issue #333 · View online

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It’s been a difficult past 18 months for me, sitting around carefully tending to my collection of girls’ Instagram photos, waiting for this pandemic to lift.
Not that I would have been doing anything with my life if it weren’t for Corona, but it would be nice to have the option.
The one thing that’s gotten me through this difficult time is the thought that one day this would all be over and I could attend Homeboy Sandman’s fall tour, with opening act Nolan the Ninja.
I’ve been a fan of Homeboy Sandman for years, before it was all trendy, and don’t even get me started on Nolan the Ninja, who’s brilliant.
Corona never did quite come to an end, and it looks like it might keep popping back up despite our best efforts to eradicate it, like the TV show “Power.”
But I was relieved, and delighted, to see that a flyer for the tour assures us that “all are welcome, regardless of color, sex, religion, vaccination status, or attire (facial or otherwise).”
Fine print at the bottom of the flyer informs us that dates are subject to change “as venues continue to decide if they are pro-choice or pro-mandate.” For updates, we’re instructed to email Homeboy Sandman at what appears to be his actual Gmail address.
I guess he’s not worried about being inundated with fan mail to the point where he can’t find his Uber receipt or whatever. Or who knows? Maybe he has a staff that reads and responds to email on his behalf as if it were him writing, complete with random references to a one-world government.
Initially, it wasn’t clear to me what the flyer meant when it said that all are welcome, regardless of attire (facial or otherwise). Initially, I took this to mean that people with weird face tattoos wouldn’t be turned away at the door, and it made me wonder if this has been an issue in the past.
It just goes to show how dumb I am. Of course “attire (facial or otherwise)” is a reference to the face masks we’ve been forced to wear for the past year and a half or so. Homeboy Sandman was trying to embark on a tour in which you don’t have to be vaccinated AND you don’t have to wear a mask.
Apparently, that’s his thing. He’s been sending out emails talking about how he’s against being forced to both wear a mask and get the vaccine. I of course subscribe to the Homeboy Sandman newsletter, but I’m behind a few issues, because I subscribe to a lot of rappers’ newsletters.
Unfortunately, there’s no need to email Homeboy Sandman for updates on the status of the tour, as the entire thing has been canceled—though I might still email him anyway to let him know that I appreciate what he was trying to do, and I consider the fact that he was shut down like this proof that he was right.
The guy who booked the tour, who might be an agent, posted a statement saying that he can’t abide Homeboy Sandman spreading dangerous misinformation about Covid and encouraging people to flout venue safety protocols, that the tour is canceled and that he no longer books tours for Homeboy Sandman.
Fortunately, Nolan the Ninja, who’s apparently willing to sacrifice his principles in favor of continuing to pursue a career in rap music (that is, if he does in fact value freedom), has been added to a few dates with Boog Brown, another artist I’ve been dying to see live.
It’s a shame about Homeboy Sandman, and my hope is that he somehow finds a way to still go on this tour, even if it means performing for free on random street corners. If he does, I’ll definitely be in attendance, and not just on the outside chance that he does something amusing that I can capture on video.
Take it easy on yourself,

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