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Who really shot up the NY subway?

Who really shot up the NY subway?
By Byron Crawford • Issue #398 • View online
Ever since the Juicy Smollett MAGA hoax, I’ve been wary of incidents involving black people and Subway, whether it’s the weirdly delicious, arguably underrated sandwich restaurant or the train system in New York.
I knew better than to think that an elderly black guy shot up a train station in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, casually walked away, leaving his keys and credit cards for identification purposes, and was apprehended a day later walking the streets of the East Village.
Nothing about this makes sense to me, suggesting that it might be a PSYOP intended to create a pretext for bringing back stop-and-frisk and to prevent black people from getting their information from valid, reputable media outlets like the Tariq Elite Radio Show.
Initial reports were that a train had been shot up in Brooklyn and the perp was a black guy who stood 5'5. Too many people had been hit for this to have been a regular black-people shooting, possibly involving “drill music,” even by Chicago standards.
It made enough sense to me that a guy that short would harbor resentment toward society. Maybe he was a young guy who had a hard time getting some stank on his hanglow, because he was a little bit shrimpy.
10 people were said to have been shot, and another 13 people were injured. Nobody died. I’ve since seen reports that as many as 29 people may have been injured.
Even 13 sounds like entirely too many non-bullet-related injuries, and I wonder how they’re claiming to have been hurt. From what I understand, this is not an especially nice part of Brooklyn, and I wonder if they’re angling to get some sort of settlement.
I’d also be curious to have a look at the gunshot wounds of the people who were in fact hit, allegedly. (Er, I’d have someone else take a look.) How is it that 10 people were shot and none of them died, but 13 weren’t shot and they’re all laid up in the hospital?
Hours later, NYPD named as a person of interest an elderly black guy who stands six-feet tall. He’d been on YouTube posting videos that were said to be anti-white and anti-female (I’m reserving judgment until I can have a look), including a video in which he said that NY Mayor Eric Adams couldn’t prevent a subway shooting.
The alleged perp’s various social media accounts remained active days after the fact, raising the question of how that would even be possible. Was he some sort of elite haX0r? I thought the purpose of Elon Musk buying Twitter was so that he could reinstate the accounts of people who make problematic remarks, including Trump.
It didn’t make sense to me that a black guy who’s within two years of the average longevity for black men could have access to the technology, let alone the know-how, to post on social media. Combat Jack is the oldest black guy I can recall being on Twitter, and he’s been dead for years.
Also, how was he capable of traveling to what I’m assuming (I have no idea) is a remote part of Brooklyn and then fleeing to Manhattan, possibly on foot? He arranged to meet with the police at a McDonald’s, and he ate one of those ginormous pastrami sandwiches at Katz’s Delicatessen the same day, so we know he wasn’t living right (at least dietarily).
The fact that he called in a tip on himself and arranged to meet with the police at McDonald’s suggests to me that that was all part of the plan. He was supposed to stage a mass shooting hoax in Brooklyn and meet with the police the next day at a McDonald’s in Manhattan, where they’d buy him a sandwich and then bring him back to the mental institution where they found him.
Maybe he wasn’t supposed to call in the tip, because that would have been too obvious. He is, after all, a mental patient. 5-0 just plain didn’t show up to the meeting at McDonald’s. Later, he was found wandering the streets of the East Village, supposedly on a tip from an Arab guy who might be trying to build a social media following for his bodega.
We’ll know that there was some BS going on here if they use this alleged attack as an excuse to go after black independent media outlets, possibly including Life in a Shanty Town. I’ll be monitoring my analytics, and it might be necessary for me to start selling supplements for your junk and/or a candle that smells like Gwyneth Paltrow’s vagine.
Remember, if you’re receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.


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