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When you dis XXXTentacion, you dis yourself

Internets, A few weeks ago, Vic Mensa offended much of the hip-hop community by dissing XXXTentacion

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A few weeks ago, Vic Mensa offended much of the hip-hop community by dissing XXXTentacion after he was already dead, as if that’s going to prevent domestic violence. He then proceeded to offend the rest of the hip-hop community by issuing a bullshit apology. Where does this guy get off?
I wasn’t personally offended that Vic Mensa dissed XXXTentacion, because criticizing the behavior of a dead person, like exposing yourself to a blind person, is a victimless crime. XXXTentacion couldn’t be upset if he wanted to, because he’s dead.
But it wasn’t clear to me what purpose it served dissing X, with him being dead and all. It’s wrong to sodomize your would-be baby’s mother with a barbecue grill implement, but it’s also a moot point. The only way Tentacion can abuse women now is if he comes back as a ghost in a battered women’s shelter.
As I joked at the time, insensitively, a nation of pregnant teen runaways breathed a collective sigh of relief the moment that video of X slumped over the wheel of his BMW 8 Series began circulating on Black People Twitter.
In the aforementioned bullshit apology, Mensa said he wasn’t aware that Tentacion’s mother would be in the audience when the video of his cypher—a gay cypher also featuring Chance the Rapper’s little brother in an extra-medium rainbow tie-dyed t-shirt—was aired.
Presumably, Mrs. Tentacion wasn’t the world’s most attentive caretaker. But she was in the building that evening to accept X’s award for Best New Artist, a/k/a the Grand Opening-Grand Closing Award. Readers of a certain age will recall that Biggie and 2Pac’s mothers once appeared together at the MTV Video Music Awards, before X was even born.
Mensa also wanted to make it clear that his beef was not so much with whatever remains of Tentacion at this point, but rather with people who like his music, which … that doesn’t make sense to me. I’ve never laid so much as a finger on a woman unless she wanted me to or, more likely, was charging me for it; I should be allowed to listen to whatever I wanna listen to!
Mensa’s cypher aired the other day, during the BET Awards broadcast, with the X parts bleeped out. An article in SPIN the next day tried to figure out why it was censored. Is BET officially in favor of beating up women?
It became clear to me once I saw an actual video of the cypher: the whole thing is full of ads! Mensa mentions Nike three or four times, as well as Nike pitchman/civil rights activist Colin Kaepernick, points at his Air Jordans and at a Sprite logo on the ground, and there’s a big-ass Sprite logo on DJ Premier’s DJ platform.
Meanwhile, the whole thing begins with Mensa’s back turned to the camera so we can see the “not for sale” sign on the back of his bedazzled black leather jacket, like something Michael Jackson would have worn in 1983. Again I ask, where does this guy get off? As they say on Black People Twitter, someone (probably another guy) needs to come get their man.
Take it easy on yourself,

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