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What you know bout being tied up?


Life in a Shanty Town

March 12 · Issue #285 · View online

The hip-hop newsletter that's not afraid to ask the tough questions

I’m deeply concerned about allegations that T.I., along with his wife Tiny, drugged and sexually assaulted dozens, perhaps hundreds, of women.
I guess my first concern is that T.I. is not a very big guy, and his wife might be smaller than he is. Hence the name.
I’ve been down to Atlanta, and I’ve been in strip clubs down there, on the insistence of my play cousin Killer Mike. The girls down there are ginormous. I’d put them at about 5'10" on average. With heels on, they’re almost as tall as I am.
On the one hand, I was impressed, if only because of the statistical unlikelihood of it all. But on the other hand, I was concerned about what the outcome might be if there was a dispute over compensation.
I wasn’t worried about losing the money, but I can’t get beat up by a woman in front of other guys (let alone a famous rapper), because I can’t handle the embarrassment.
(When I go to a strip club, I only bring as much cash as I can afford to spend, i.e. $40. And I don’t get money out of the ATM, because I can’t justify paying the outrageous fees, with what I make.)
Some people are arguing that we should have known that T.I. is one of history’s most prolific serial rapists, right up there with Bill Cosby, because he takes his teenage daughter to the OBGYN once a year to have her hymen examined. I don’t get this at all.
How are people getting prolific serial rapist from concerned father?
If something bad were to happen to T.I.‘s daughter, he might not have any way of knowing without having her vagine checked out. Some girls are ashamed to admit to having been sexually assaulted, which is why they wait until the guy has been nominated for a seat on the Supreme Court.
Unfortunately, by then it might be too late.
I agree that there was no need to share this information on a podcast, in a conversation that I’m sure didn’t have anything to do with having your daughter’s vagine checked out, but what do you expect? The guy’s a fucking rapper.
I also find it sexist that T.I. has been the subject of angry, ostensibly feminist op-eds, as if he’s the ringleader of this operation. On a week in which we observed International Women’s Day (an actual holiday now), I expected more from the online music journalism community.
For all we know, this was Tiny’s idea. If, for some reason, T.I. wanted to have sex with girls other than Tiny, he could probably do that, on the basis of being T.I. If he can’t find a girl under the age of 30 who’s heard one of his songs (a distinct possibility) he could just cut a check. I heard he’s been in like four Marvel movies.
Remember that time T.I. got pulled over for making an illegal u-turn and the police found methamphetamine in his car? Word on the street was that the meth belonged to Tiny, and T.I. took the rap for it because he wasn’t trying to be stuck taking care of his own kids.
Between the two of them, Tiny looks more like she might be on meth.
If Tiny was offering these girls drugs that black people don’t have any business doing anyway and then talking them into having steamy group sex with her and T.I., I’m at a loss for how that makes T.I. guilty of anything non-consensual in nature. He may not have aware that these girls were on drugs.
If only Johnnie Cochran were still alive. T.I. could force Tiny to get her own lawyer, like P. Diddy did Shyne after the Club New York shooting, and wipe his hands of this nonsense.
The fact that T.I. has yet to hire his own lawyer (albeit not the GOAT), that I’m aware of, along with his commitment to the sanctity of his daughter’s nether regions and even the fact that he allegedly chose women to assault, just goes to show his deep, abiding respect for women.
If he’s guilty of anything, it’s caring too much.
Take it easy on yourself,

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