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What's Hov got to do with it?

Internets, Jay-Z has been suspiciously quiet about the Lifetime R. Kelly movie, for someone who, not
What's Hov got to do with it?
By Byron Crawford • Issue #91 • View online
Jay-Z has been suspiciously quiet about the Lifetime R. Kelly movie, for someone who, not too long ago, was taking bold stances against things like police brutality and the prison-industrial complex.
I wonder if that’s because, as Dame Dash hinted at on Nick Cannon’s YouTube channel, Jay used to bang Foxy Brown when she was not quite legal, or very young anyway, and he doesn’t want the spotlight turned on himself.
He’s not trying to Touré himself, in other words. (Never Touré yourself.)
It’s also been alleged, in an interview Nas did in 2002, that Jay was scoring with 14-year-old girls alongside R. Kelly, when they were in the studio working on Best of Both Worlds … with the evidence being that Jay was there in the studio, where a lot of the urination and what have took place, and therefore he had to have indulged.
I’m not sure if that logic would have stood up in court, especially if Arruh somehow managed to get off on the Pee Tape. I’ve been in enough studios to know that it’s quite possible that Jay and Arruh were never in the room together recording Best of Both World, and especially its little-known sequel, Unfinished Business.
I don’t know that I’ve heard either of them, but I suspect that both of them are better than the past few Jay albums. I see that both of them are available on streaming, and I wonder why there hasn’t been more of a call to have them removed. People were giving Lady Gaga shit for doing one song with R. Kelly that I’ve never even heard. Jay-Z did two whole albums with R. Kelly.
Somehow, that entire time in R. Kelly’s career wasn’t mentioned in the Lifetime movie, which covers every other time in his career, including more recent albums of his that most people aren’t as familiar with. This was likely a matter of Surviving R. Kelly producer dream hampton having been on Jay’s payroll since as far back as The Black Album. In an interview to promote the Lifetime movie, hampton criticized Jay-Z for refusing to appear, but she didn’t mention agreeing to avoid discussing his role in this. Hmm…
It just so happens that I discuss hampton’s post-journalism career running PR interference for Jay-Z, including an incident in which Touré stole her phone and used it to make gross sex jokes on Twitter, as well as the origins of the rumor that Jay had sex with Foxy Brown when she was 17 years old (which is legal in New York), which Foxy Brown later corroborated on a song called “Let ‘Em Know,” in Nas Lost. If you’ve yet to read it, you might want to have a look. There’s a lot of interesting things in there that many professional music writers apparently aren’t aware of, and it might be necessary to expand on some of them in a subsequent work.
Jay-Z’s alleged dalliance with a young Foxy Brown became a minor Internets controversy in 2010, and it must have been fairly well known throughout the industry. Nas hinted at it on “Ether.” Foxy herself said it was true, but she had beef with Jay as a result of having been denied a release date back when Jay was fake-president of Def Jam. Later, she was jumped by a team of hoo-ers working for Rock from Heltah Skeltah, who stole her hearing aid. Or am I misremembering that?
When Nick Cannon mentioned Foxy, it would have been easy enough for Dame to say that Jay never hit that, regardless of whether or not it’s true. By refusing to comment, he made it seem like it definitely was true. On Instagram, 50 Cent said that Dame was a “sucker” for “trying to get Jay jammed up.” Funkmaster Flex then piled on, with a comment in which he seems to be entirely unconcerned with whether or not Jay banged an underage girl. Dame has called for a summit with Nick Cannon and 50 Cent, but not Funkmaster Flex. If they do meet, hopefully they film it and post it on YouTube, for the sake of, uh, furthering the discourse surrounding abuse.
I’ll be tuning in anyway, because I don’t have shit else better to do, but who knows—maybe I’ll learn something.
Take it easy on yourself,


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