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What happened to believe all women?


Life in a Shanty Town

December 31 · Issue #368 · View online

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It doesn’t make sense to me that Ghislaine Maxwell could be found guilty of supplying nubile, compliant female companionship to Jeffrey Epstein and various other members of the Illuminati, and yet apparently this trial didn’t turn up anything that would lead to the arrest of the likes of Hillary Clinton, Prince Andrew and Alan Dershowitz.
They even had Dershowitz on TV doing legal analysis of the verdict, as if he didn’t have anything to do with the case. TF kind of BS was that?
We need to know what really happened on that airplane, for a number of reasons. But primarily in order to seek justice for the alleged victims, natch.
I know that the 60 or so alleged victims—a number that rivals the number of girls Bill Cosby allegedly drugged and had his way with—will receive settlements that, at the very least, will be more than they would have made working in massage parlors or whatever (regardless of the amount of effort put forth), and will be paid for by Mossad, which will of course just be reimbursed by US taxpayers.
My concern is that these girls are being shortchanged—as if they haven’t already been through enough. They might also be entitled to the Queen of England’s vast sums of wealth, which I’m sure she just stole from India anyway, the earthquake relief money the Clinton family stole from Haiti and maybe even some of the money Chris Tucker was paid to appear in sequels to the movie Rush Hour.
What’s the deal with Chris Tucker, by the way? He was friends with both Michael Jackson and Jeffrey Epstein. There’s no way he hasn’t witnessed a crime against a minor, if not several of them. Ice Cube said he turned down $12 million to appear in Next Friday because he didn’t want to smoke weed or curse. He must have witnessed something that put the fear of god in him.
But I digress.
I don’t understand how Ghislaine could go down without taking several high profile people down with her. No Boutros. I’ve seen enough cop TV shows to know how this works. She should have been presented with an opportunity to rat out any number of people she’s posed for pictures with over the years, including Trump, Piers Morgan and Steve Jobs’ widow, who now owns the Atlantic and who may or may not have “eaten the box,” in exchange for a get-out-of-jail-free card.
Obviously, that would just be asking to be added to the Clinton Body Count. But she’s probably safer free, on the run from Hillary’s assassins, than she’ll be locked up. Lest we forget, they assassinated Jeffrey Epstein while he was in jail awaiting trial. They probably knew he’d make better decisions than Ghislaine, because he’s a guy lol jk.
Arguably, the Clintons, Prince Andrew et al. already owe Ghislaine for whoever she (allegedly) brought on that plane. You’d think they’d appreciate the fact that she didn’t tattle on anyone in court, but I wouldn’t put it past them to have her rubbed out in the pokey. Nullus. That’s how they operate.
I feel for Ghislaine, not because I condone the crime she’s been accused of, but because I feel she’s been given a raw deal here, and I think she’s fairly attractive for a woman her age. While she was awaiting trial, I would have put my house in a shanty town up as collateral if, I thought she’d be sufficiently appreciative.
Take it easy on yourself in 2022,

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