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What do I get from the George Floyd verdict?


Life in a Shanty Town

April 23 · Issue #297 · View online

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Can justice ever truly be served if I don’t benefit personally?
I ask because the verdict was announced in the George Floyd trial the other day, and damn it if I don’t feel empty inside (even more so than usual), despite the fact that justice was served.
I was glad to see that Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all three counts and faces up to 40 years in prison—though who knows how much time he’ll end up serving.
I’m concerned that they’re not announcing the sentencing for another eight weeks, as if it takes that long for the judge to pull a number out of her ass, which I’m pretty sure is how these things work.
I was already suspicious when they announced that the verdict would be revealed between 3:30 and 5:00 PM on 4/20, like maybe they were intentionally waiting until people would be too stoned to burn down a CVS.
I hope they bury Chauvin underneath the jail, and I hope he receives a vigorous bufuing from an especially well-endowed African-American gentleman (nullus), in the name of justice.
But I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up in a special unit for perverts and white collar criminals, because he’s a cop.
Ja Rule was in such a unit when he was locked up for not paying his taxes. That’s where he became an expert on the stock market, and that may be where he made connections to the guy who organized the Fyre Festival.
It would be tragic if this guy Chauvin gets locked up and becomes an expert on crypto. Based on what little I understand of how crypto works, they might not be able to prevent him from trading just because he’s locked up.
If he turns a picture of himself kneeling on George Floyd’s neck into an NFT and sells it to Peter Thiel for $100 million, it might be necessary for the government to shut down the blockchain.
That might be something for Kamala Harris to do. She’s more likely to know what the blockchain is than Joe Biden. Plus, she used to be a cop.
The day before the verdict was read, I saw—on the TV in the breakroom at Warehouse #2—people boarding up buildings in Minneapolis. I took this to mean that the fix was in and they were preparing for the worst.
It turns out that it wasn’t. Somehow, a cop didn’t get away with murdering a black man in cold blood! Many an astute commentator suggested that the city intentionally threw Chauvin under the bus to avoid having to pay what it would cost to rebuild.
I was kinda hoping that there would be riots, if only for the lulz. I still have great memories of watching people roll entire sets of wheels and tires from a rim shop in Ferguson.
I’m sure a lot of people were hoping to come up on some free shit this weekend. Fortunately for them, I don’t think this verdict makes the police any more likely to stop killing people.
Take it easy on yourself,

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