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Usher says he doesn't even have herpes, and I believe him (nullus)

Internets, If Quantasia Sharpton doesn't succeed in suing Usher for giving her herpes, she might cons

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If Quantasia Sharpton doesn’t succeed in suing Usher for giving her herpes, she might consider filing a paternity suit against Al Sharpton.
Not only does she have the exact same last name as Rev. Al, but she has the exact same physique that he used to have back in the ‘80. In the legal community, this is what’s known as a slam dunk.
Rev. Al might not be cashing as many checks as he used to, since Obama left office and therefore MSNBC doesn’t need as many token black commentators, but worst comes to worst, he can always revert to his old Tawana Brawley-era tactics. He’s in such excellent shape now that he could quite literally chase an ambulance.
You’d think that Usher could just cut Quantasia a check for $50,000, given how often they used to play that song “Yeah!” on the radio, but who knows what his finances are like these days. The early '00s was longer ago than you’d think, if you don’t look at a calendar very often, and it’s not like major labels pay you anywhere near the amount of wealth you generate for them.
A few years ago, his baby’s mother tried to take him to court for epic, P. Diddy amounts of child support, and he somehow ended up taking the kid from her and not having to pay shit. She may have been on drugs. Usually, when you hear about a man prevailing in family court, it’s because the mother is on drugs.
At the very least, we know that Usher is litigious in nature. The victim in this case may have been willing to accept a Red Lobster gift card, but fuck that shit. Usher wasn’t about to settle out of court, even if it meant people will think he has herpes.
He’s married now anyway, and he’s at an age where, most likely, anyone looking to hook up with him has been in the backstage-fellatio game long enough to have been exposed to all types of shit. They might even be immune to herpes, from having been around it so much over the years.
Usher has almost certainly received a blowski from someone who took her dentures out beforehand.
Then there’s the fact that Usher claims he doesn’t even have herpes. Though you wonder if he didn’t arrive at this conclusion by taking a look at his own peen at a time when he wasn’t suffering from an outbreak. According to an article in Vibe, he plans to sue his accusers.
As I recall from high school sex ed, you can’t spread herpes to a girl unless you’re currently suffering from an outbreak. So Usher really doesn’t have herpes, in a sense, if his unit is free from blemishes at present.
That doesn’t mean it wasn’t all fucked the fuck up back when he supposedly got with Quantasia Sharpton, but I would argue that the fact that your peen is covered with gross-looking sores should be considered sufficient disclosure.
If she couldn’t see the sores from the curb, she should have been able to see them when she went down on him. And if she didn’t go down on him, then that just goes to show the dangers of being inconsiderate.
Take it easy on yourself,

In a blog post the other day, I broke down why Usher shouldn’t be held accountable for knowingly spreading an incurable STD—if that’s what he did.
Don't shame Usher just because he knowingly spread an incurable sexually transmitted disease
Last week, I took Rihanna to task for letting herself go, and literally everyone who read it liked it except for one guy, who was just fronting. Meanwhile, this guy who praised his “curvy” wife on Instagram has received nothing but grief.
It just goes to show how right I was.
Man who tells 'curvy' wife he loves her receives backlash of hatred | The Independent
I didn’t know enough about football to weigh in on what’s going on with Colin Kaepernick, and I’m on a lot of Tylenol due to an injury sustained trying to get out of bed (which can be dangerous). Hence the relative brevity of this week’s missive.
Here’s something I wrote about Kaepernick a while back:
Colin Kaepernick should take a knee on Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s neck
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