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Throw a stone (of truth) at DJ Vlad

Internets, Vlad TV was the most valid, worthwhile media institution in hip-hop, and now I can't watch

Life in a Shanty Town

September 25 · Issue #237 · View online
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Vlad TV was the most valid, worthwhile media institution in hip-hop, and now I can’t watch it anymore, on orders from Lord Jamar and Godfrey.
I’m saddened, because it’s the end of an era, and also for what it portends for the future of black masculinity.
What if Kanye starts wearing dresses again? He’s mentally ill, so it’s a distinct possibility. Where will Lord Jamar go to call him the other f-word as if this were still the 1990s?
My fear is that Lord Jamar’s own podcast, the Yanadameen Godcast, just won’t cut it.
I watched an episode of Yanadameen the other day, just to find out why Lord Jamar and Godfrey aren’t going on Vlad anymore (no Boutros), and I wasn’t impressed. It was basically a two-hour-long recording of a Skype call, complete with Godfrey’s audio cutting out every time he got a phone call and Lord Jamar shouting out random people who put $5 on his PayPal.
It wasn’t even clear to me, after two hours of this shit, what Vlad said that made these guys so upset.
Fortunately, someone in the media department at the Nation of Islam put together a handy explainer, in the form of a YouTube video soundtracked by the “Why You Always Lying?” meme. Remember when that African guy remade the song “Too Close” by Next? Was that a Vine? TikTok is superior to Vine because it’s mostly exquisitely well-built white chicks trying (and sometimes failing) to dance instead of black kids trying to be funny. There’s already enough of that on Twitter.
But I digress.
In an interview with DL Hughley, Vlad quoted Farrakhan as saying that black people should throw rocks at Jews (which is just asking for a lawsuit), when in reality Farrakhan said that black people should throw a metaphorical stone of truth at the Jews, the same way you’d try to talk some sense into anyone who was mistaken. It’s the polite thing to do.
The problem, I think, is the particular way Farrakhan phrased it. It sounds violent even if wasn’t meant that way. It’s like telling a guy he should drag a woman into an alley and force respect on her at knifepoint. You can’t reasonably expect a woman to understand that you’re using figurative language. It sounds too much like steamy non-con sex.
I pulled up the Hughley interview, and I notice the bit about throwing rocks at Jews has been removed, and there’s no indication—in the caption or in the video itself—that it’s been edited. That seems kinda shady. A newspaper, if it has to make a correction, adds a brief note to the article. Lately, the New York Times has been making secret corrections to the 1619 Project, but I expect more from Vlad TV than I do from the failing New York Times.
Lord Jamar and Godfrey are upset that not only is Vlad trying to front like he didn’t misquote Farrakhan, but he refuses to apologize. Supposedly, Vlad was trying to get Farrakhan to go on Vlad TV, so he could elaborate on his views in person and so Vlad could reap that ad $$$, but Farrakhan knew better than to fall for that shit.
If you want to see an epic interview, by the way, pull up the interview Farrakhan did with Mike Wallace back in the early ‘90s. “60 Minutes” was the original Vlad TV, and the Andy Rooney segment was the original Life in a Shanty Town.
It doesn’t make sense to me why Vlad wouldn’t just apologize. I mean, if he’s built his entire business on interviewing black people. Farrakhan is arguably the most credible black leader, for what it’s worth. I’m not even sure who would be second, Obama? Chadwick Boseman is dead now. Plus, Vlad was actually wrong. At the very least, he could have trotted out the ol’ “I’m sorry that what I said made you feel that way.” Not only will I not hesitate to say that, I seek out opportunities to do so.
If you were offended by anything I said in this newsletter, I’m sorry that you’re not a sophisticated thinker. See, how difficult was that?
Take it easy on yourself,

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