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The other tragedy in Newtown

The other tragedy in Newtown
By Byron Crawford • Issue #450 • View online
It was a terrible thing that happened to the kids of Sandy Hook Elementary School, but let’s not get out of hand here.
Alex Jones wasn’t even involved in Sandy Hook! Why should he have to pay a billion dollars, when it was some other guy who shot up the school?
What does that guy have to pay? It was widely reported, at the time, that his mom had a lot of money. She should have to pony up. It was her gun that he used. She didn’t keep it properly locked up, despite the fact that her son was obviously crazy—identifiably so to any black person you could have shown his photograph to.
I’d also be curious to know if Donald Glover has to pay anything. Wasn’t Sandy Hook the one where, initially, they thought it was the guy’s brother, and the guy’s brother, on Twitter, declared himself a fan of Childish Gambino?
I don’t know if this was before or after Sandy Hook, but doesn’t Childish Gambino have a video where a bunch of people get shot? That’s probably where the kid who committed the actual crime at Sandy Hook got the idea. He wasn’t a fan himself (I bet he had excellent taste in rap music), but he was exposed to it, because his brother was playing it around the house.
Regardless, I don’t think people would have a problem with Donald Glover being held accountable for his actions, so to speak. Kevin Samuels was on an episode of Atlanta, suggesting that Glover agrees with literally everything he had to say. Has any reporter, in an interview, asked him if he believes women over the age of 30 have anything at all worthwhile to offer society?
He’s married to a white chick, right? Yeah, it’s time to get him out of the paint.
I object to the idea that Alex Jones should have to pay because people who listened to his show harassed the families of some of the victims, including one guy who was egging on the troofers and therefore arguably shouldn’t be entitled to a settlement. Jones wasn’t telling them to show up to people’s houses and demand proof that they weren’t crisis actors. All he did was suggest that Sandy Hook was a hoax, which was his opinion. Are we no longer allowed to have an opinion?
I’m less concerned about Jones’ financial state than I am the show. I was a daily listener until I started working full-time in warehouses in the mid ‘10s, and look how well I turned out! No but really, aside from the bit about Sandy Hook, little of what he’s said has been proven to be incorrect, and that might be the real reason they’re making such a mockery of the justice system (pfft!) in an attempt to silence him.
Jones himself will be fine, I’m sure. He made a lot of money selling Infowars-branded boner pills, and I’m sure he’ll figure out a way to stash at least some of it. On his show, as the verdict was being read, he said he already declared bankruptcy years ago. He said that any money donated by listeners wouldn’t be going to the victims’ families, which came as a relief to me personally, but not because I donated anything.
I just don’t want to see the show go off the air. You’d think the victims’ families would understand, having themselves been deprived of one of the most important things in their lives.


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