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So long, Kamala Harris

Internets, It's ironic that Kamala Harris used to throw black women in jail for not sending their kid

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It’s ironic that Kamala Harris used to throw black women in jail for not sending their kids to school and now she’s dropped out of the Democratic primary.
If only there was a way we could get her arrested for this. I’ve long felt that there should be a law against wasting people’s time.
Only problem with sending people to jail for wasting people’s time is that it would decimate the free female population, making it that much more difficult to score.
Just kidding, ladies. You know I value your opinion.
It seems pointless that Kamala would drop out of the race now, given that the actual elections start in January, i.e. a few weeks from now. We’re within days of not just a new year but a new decade, if it wasn’t already clear from all of the excellent decade-themed Internets content.
Apparently, the issue is that Kamala’s campaign is running out of money. She’s only got a few milli left, and you gotta have like $500 million just to lose, as demonstrated by Hillary Clinton in 2016.
If Kamala stayed in she might end up running a deficit, and then she’d have to pay it back out of her own pocket. She could try soliciting donations, but who’s going to donate money to cover debts from an election someone already lost?
She’d be forced to appeal to former San Francisco Mayor “Sweet Dick” Willie Brown, and she already knows from experience that checks from Sweet Dick Willie come with strings attached.
When the bad news hit the Internets the other day, some of the more combative women on Black People Twitter erupted in shrieks of dismay, thus raising the question: If Kamala had to drop out because she ran out of money, how come they couldn’t cut a check? I mean, if they’re such big fans.
They should put their money where their mouth is, and then when they get done they should put their mouths where my money is.
Instead they were content to argue that Kamala’s campaign was unfairly sabotaged by the “Kamala is a cop” meme—which has to be credited at least in part to Dallas Penn. I feel like he was instrumental in spreading that on social media, and as Al Gore would say, I thank him for it.
The thing is, Kamala Harris wouldn’t have to apologize for being a cop if she wasn’t in fact a cop. Er, a prosecutor who loved nothing more than to throw a black man in prison. (Between that and the fact that she married an old white guy, it makes me wonder what Willie Brown did to her.)
Credit for getting Kamala out of the paint also goes to my boo Tulsi Gabbard, who got in the senator’s ass in one of those debates, pointing out how she threw mad black men in jail for weed, which isn’t even illegal in California, and kept inmates in prison just so they could fight forest fires.
It was maybe the single sexiest thing I’ve ever seen on basic cable, and my admiration of Tulsi’s bravery is only somewhat diminished by the fact that Kamala is not a legit, according-to-Hoyle black person (now known in some corners of the Internets as an ADOS) but rather a Brahmin-class Indian (that’s the white dot, right?) mixed with a Jamaican.
Let’s keep it real. If Tulsi said the same thing to a true hoodrat, who was somehow running for president, there would have been “an incident.” That debate would have been sponsored by World Star, if not intentionally so.
Because Kamala was already a cop, some are suggesting that she should be the next attorney general, not unlike the aforementioned Hillary Clinton, who was given a number of consolation prize jobs in government.
Fortunately, I think the only way that could happen is if Mayor Pete got in there, and he doesn’t stand a chance. It’s quite possible that he won’t get a single black vote in South Carolina. You know they don’t play that shit down there.
Not that I necessarily agree with low-information black voters refusing to at least consider a teh ghey candidate. But Mayor Pete sucks balls anyway, both literally and figuratively.
Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
Take it easy on yourself,

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