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Shame on Gayle King

Internets, Bill Cosby spent years antagonizing rappers and rap-adjacent wayward black youth, but now

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Bill Cosby spent years antagonizing rappers and rap-adjacent wayward black youth, but now he’s joining forces with Snoop Dogg to attack Gayle King and Oprah. As they say on Black People Twitter, you love to see it.
King, Oprah’s secret lesbian lover, came under fire this week for trying to grill former girls basketball player Lisa Leslie on the false rape accusations against her friend Kobe Bryant, who recently died in a tragic helicopter accident.
I don’t know what Gayle King was thinking.
It may not have been clear to her what Lisa Leslie meant when she said that she was friends with Kobe Bryant, because celebrities always claim to be friends with other celebrities, or say they love people they’ve barely even heard of.
Male basketball players don’t really hang out with female basketball players, right? Female basketball players aren’t good enough to play against male basketball players, and male basketball players make too much money to date female basketball players.
It’s clear from Lisa Leslie’s interview with Gayle King that Kobe could have gotten with her if he wanted to, but it’s not clear that he ever got with any black chicks. His alleged victim was white, and his wife was non-black Hispanic.
He did take Brandy to the prom as a publicity stunt back in the mid ‘90s, when a young Bol was in high school. (I tried to take Monica, but she was busy that weekend.)
If Leslie really was friends with Kobe Bryant, it kinda goes without saying that she wouldn’t dignify with a response any questions about his alleged impropriety. A friend, by definition, is someone who refuses to acknowledge any rapes you’ve committed.
Then there’s the fact that Kobe recently died in a tragic helicopter accident. Have they even buried him yet? The helicopter he was in might still be on fire.
A white female reporter for the Amazon Washington Post was briefly suspended for posting a link to an article about the false accusations against Kobe a mere matter of minutes after the accident.
She was reinstated after it was determined that her tweet didn’t violate the Post’s social media policy, but I’d argue that, since Kobe was never found guilty in a court of law, the accusation wasn’t sufficiently newsworthy. Just because you’re accused of something doesn’t make it news.
As a black man in America, you’re suspected of all kinds of things. Imagine if there was an article in the paper every time something went missing at my job. If it were up to Gayle King, there probably would be.
Fortunately, people are starting to realize that both Gayle King and Oprah are on some ol’ bullshit. I didn’t see a lot of people defending them on Twitter yesterday. Even many black feminists had to fall back.
I give a lot of credit to 50 Cent for pointing out that Oprah was about to throw Russell Simmons under a bus, but where was her documentary about her good friend Harvey Weinstein? (Gayle King also appears to be close friends with Weinstein.)
Oprah pulled out of the Russell Simmons doc shortly after Fiddy’s powerful Instagram caption, but I suspect it was because someone from Mossad had a word with her. Rush, lest we forget, put a lot of money in Jews’ pockets back in the '90s
Yesterday, in an Instagram video and a series of captions, Snoop Dogg put Gayle King and Oprah on notice as if they were his hoo-ers and they didn’t have his money, and he also called for Bill Cosby to be freed from prison.
Incongruous though it may have been, I appreciated his spirit, and apparently the Coz did as well. He somehow managed to post a response, from prison, thanking Snoop and joking about how he now lives in a gated community. LOL
It’s too bad that Kobe Bryant had to quite literally die in a fire, but at least it resulted in Bill Cosby finding common ground with rappers on the basis of their mutual dislike of Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King.
Take it easy on yourself,

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