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Racist CACs will not be replaced!

Internets, One of the few things that wasn't shocking to me about the events this past weekend in Cha

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One of the few things that wasn’t shocking to me about the events this past weekend in Charlottesville, VA, was the fact that there didn’t seem to be very many black people present.
Of course there was the agile brother who managed to leap from out of the way of the Dodge Challenger that ended up killing Heather Heyer, and the kid who got his ass kicked right out in front of the police station, while the cops were off taking a fateful helicopter ride. But for the most part, it seems like black people found something better to do.
That was probably for the best.
It’s hard to get black people to do anything this time of year anyway, because it can get so hot in August. And when the weather is just right, that of course means it’s time to have a barbecue.
Fighting in the street with racist CACs doesn’t enter into the equation, especially if there’s not really anything to be gained from it.
Even if we kicked all of their asses, and maybe even killed a few of them, it would only result in 5-0 throwing us all in jail and probably using it as an excuse to crack down on black people who didn’t have anything to do with it.
It wouldn’t have much of an effect on white supremacy, since the kind of CACs who would show up to some shit like this aren’t the ones in charge of enforcing white supremacy. They’re the ones who somehow managed to not benefit from white supremacy. Er, not to the extent that they’d prefer. Hence the anger.
One of the kids who lost his job, for example, was working for a burrito restaurant in the Bay Area, which, arguably, he shouldn’t have been working there anyway, given how seriously the Bay Area takes its burritos. Is that part of the country not still teeming with Hispanics?
Then there was that guy who was crying like a little bitch, after he found out 5-0 has a warrant for his arrest. They must have gotten his name from the video he did with Vice, showing off his ridonkulous cache of weapons. You can tell he’s not very smart, just from the way that he talks. Not to engage in stereotypes…
The founder of the alt-right, on the other hand, is a trust fund baby whose money comes from a cotton plantation in Mississippi that his mom inherited and for which she receives massive subsidies from the federal government, i.e. corporate welfare. It’s in his best interest for the government to bring back slavery.
As Lenin once said, you look for the one who stands to benefit.
My father’s family comes from Mississippi, so the plantation that Spencer’s mother owns could very well be the place where my ancestors were once enslaved. We might even be related. I might have to take one of those mail-order DNA tests to see if I’m part cracka-ass cracka—which would help explain my facility with the English language.
I’ve long suspected that the end game for white supremacy would involve black people back on plantations. I even wrote about it in a #longform piece for Medium earlier this year. What a trip it would be to work (er, stand around) in the exact same fields as my ancestors. As Junot Diaz would say, how’s that for eternal return?
As far as what role the events of this past weekend played in the overall scheme, I’m not sure. If the goal was to provoke some sort of response from the black community, then it’s probably for the best that the crowds of protesters seemed to consist primarily of antifa and heavyset secretaries who probably date a lot of black guys.
Antifa, for being something along the lines of a military, seems to consist of a disproportionate number of women. For example, there were way more girls marching with antifa than there were marching with the alt-right. I would also argue that, despite being kinda dirty-looking, the girls from antifa were more attractive. They had better bodies.
Strategically, it makes sense to have white women fight a race war on behalf of black people, because who wants to beat up or arrest a white woman? Nobody. It might be the one thing we can agree on as a society.
Take it easy on yourself,

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