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Pray for YBN Almighty Jay

Internets, As I'm typing this, my figurative thoughts and prayers are with YBN Almighty Jay, who was

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As I’m typing this, my figurative thoughts and prayers are with YBN Almighty Jay, who was viciously beaten and had his face slashed, and worse, robbed of his Rap-A-Lot Records chain.
I have no idea who this young man is, but I hope he’s able to recover, and I hope his career hasn’t been ruined, if only so he can buy himself a new chain, which I know is an important thing for a young rapper.
Will the child gangbanger rap community be willing to accept someone who was so viciously pwned? Customarily, it might be necessary for him to hunt and kill all seven of his assailants, like in some ‘70s-era b-grade revenge fantasy film.
Alas, I see that the entire gang has already been rounded up by NYPD on unrelated charges. Known as the Jack Boys (ahem), they’re suspected of shooting an off-duty police officer. They probably won’t be back on the streets anytime soon.
In the same article that I read at TMZ, it says that YBN Almighty Jay is willing to cooperate with the police. He might not be able to recognize them, he said, because they beat the shit out of him, and because they were all dressed like gay guys from the '90s, but he’ll give it a shot.
It doesn’t make sense to me why he’d offer to assist 5-0 with their investigation, at this point, or why he’d announce it publicly. When his head hit the concrete, it may have jarred something loose.
Similarly, many people wondered why Rap-A-Lot Records founder J. Prince would go on Instagram and seemingly issue a call for someone to shoot the Jack Boys, as if the police don’t have a guy whose job it is to sit around all day monitoring social media for obvious wrongdoing.
Isn’t that how they got both Bobby Shmurda and Tekashi 6ix9ine? After 6ix9ine was arrested, TMZ somehow turned up that video of him offering one of his weed carriers $30,000 to pop a cap in Chief Keef’s ass—one of the main things he’s been charged with.
Supposedly, 6ix9ine might walk free in exchange for ratting out his crew. If and when he does, it’ll be an important test of just how lacking in credibility a rapper can be and still be accepted by today’s youth. I’m sure YBN Almighty Jay is “monitoring the situation,” as they say in the industry.
J. Prince is fortunate that the Jack Boys were arrested before someone shot them. Even if they were shot for reasons that didn’t have anything to do with beating the shit out of YBN Almighty Jay, police may have suspected that Prince had something to do with it. They’re known for thinking with where-there’s-smoke-there’s-fire logic.
I’m sure J. Prince has plenty of money, from extorting Drake, plus whatever he made from Geto Boys et al. Why risk it trying to protect some kid who doesn’t even have the sense not to talk to the police? He probably didn’t stand to make much from YBN Almighty Jay anyway. You gotta make money to get extorted.
Take it easy on yourself,

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