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Political rap is back and better than ever

Internets, You can hardly blame Snoop Dogg for the fact that he only just now heard the rumor that Dr

Life in a Shanty Town

October 19 · Issue #78 · View online
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You can hardly blame Snoop Dogg for the fact that he only just now heard the rumor that Drake made sweet, passionate love to Kim Kardashian. Not only is he high all the time, but he’s gotta be nearing 50.
I’m only in my late 30s, and I can’t be bothered to keep up with all of the goings on in “the culture,” so to speak. As Lil Duval would say, I’m not going back and forth with you dreaded n-words. I’m living my best life!
In a hilarious video posted the other day, i.e. literally weeks after the video of Kanye under the train in Chicago, Snoop mocked Kanye for the fact that Drake, as Snoop himself put it, put his schlong in Kim Kardashian.
He also pantomimed giving it to Kim Kardashian from behind, in front of a room full of white guys adjusting cameras, boom microphones and what have you, who seemed entirely indifferent. Maybe that’s just what he does? The last time I checked Snoop’s Instagram was that time he was arrested in Sweden, as discussed in Critical Beatdown.
This video was filmed in Kanye’s native Chicago, where Snoop must have been in town purchasing bulk quantities of marijuana from child gangbangers. He’ll be back in town this weekend to appear in a touring gospel play, with this being 2018 and all, and as a matter of fact, I see he’s in St. Louis tonight. Alas, I won’t be able to make it, for a number of reasons.
Meanwhile, in the part of Georgia where Deliverance was filmed (RIP Burt Reynolds), Snoop’s cousin/weed carrier Daz is facing multiple felony counts for filming a couple of videos in which he stands in his own front yard, shirtless, smoking a blunt, discussing Suge Knight’s recent “plea deal” for 28 years in the pokey and the fact that Kim Kardashian is a Renate-style town bicycle.
Word on the street is that Kim Kardashian may have called in the order for Daz to be arrested for having a shedload of weed in his house, i.e. something that probably won’t even be illegal anywhere in the US by the end of next year, and that she may or may not have been assisted by Donald Trump, with whom she recently teamed to spring an elderly black woman (also a drug offender) from the pokey.
I wonder if Snoop Dogg is aware that Daz has been arrested and could be facing hard time. He might purposely avoid dealing with Daz, for fear that he might be called on to post bail or hire a lawyer. Obviously his financial situation is not what it once was, if he’s on the road with a touring production of Black Men Are Trash: The Musical, or whatever it’s called.
Regardless, I appreciate the utter lack of respect with which Daz and Snoop address Kanye, Kim Kardashian, the president et al. It must take living in constant fear of getting caught smoking weed to harbor that level of contempt for perceived authority figures, and it just goes to show that chronic substance abuse might have positive effects that we’ve yet to consider.
I especially appreciate the fact that they’ve chosen the 59 second-long Instagram video as their preferred medium. I agree with the many astute commentators on Twitter this week who pointed out that Pusha T going on Joe Budden’s podcast is more interesting at this point than another round of dis records. The last thing we need in 2018 is people trying to rap.
Take it easy on yourself,

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