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Never preemptively accept an apology

Internets, The fact that Meek Mill went to prison for popping a wheelie on his motorcycle, and now he

Life in a Shanty Town

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The fact that Meek Mill went to prison for popping a wheelie on his motorcycle, and now he’s been denied entry to a fancy hotel in Las Vegas, just goes to show the persistent nature of racism in this country.
I mean, if it wasn’t already clear from the fact that Harvey Weinstein is being allowed to pay off his victims, while Bill Cosby will probably die in prison. (Black men on Twitter were right to repeatedly pose the question, What about Harvey Weinstein?)
Fortunately, Meek Mill can always just go sleep somewhere that’s not racist—one of those Indian-owned joints off the highway that smells of Lysol to the point where it irritates your eye(s), if necessary.
What are people doing in those places that they find it necessary to clean that often?
In reports I read of the Meek Mill incident (I didn’t pull up the actual videos, because I’m black and it’s hot out), I notice he didn’t make it a point to get arrested on purpose, as a form of protest, like the Rev. Al “Mr. Do” Sharpton.
Reportedly, Mill was told—by the guy working the door at the Cosmopolitan—that the hotel was refusing to do business with him, as is their right, due to some unnamed prior incident, and that if he didn’t exit the premises immediately they’d call the cops on him.
That was probably all Meek Mill had to hear! Whatever he saw in the showers at the last place he was in, he wasn’t trying to see that shit again. (People often joke about non-consensual lovemaking in prison, but how often do we stop to consider the plight of guys who walk in on other guys effing each other in the a?)
The hotel later claimed that they denied Meek Mill entry because their popular dayclub (like a nightclub, except it’s during the day, I’m assuming) was filled to capacity, though Mill, I guess in one of the videos, said he was there to eat in the restaurant.
He was almost certainly there for the dayclub, which raises the question, who was he trying to bang in this dayclub? Other black celebrities, including Snoop Dogg and OJ Simpson have since come forward claiming to have been denied entry to the Cosmopolitan, which suggests to me that it’s mostly white chicks in this club. (I might look it up when I get done writing this, for research purposes.)
Could it be that Nicki Minaj’s gross diaper-butt permanently turned Meek Mill off of black chicks? He was bailed out by New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who may have introduced him to the joys (and the luck) of the Asian massage parlor. If those girls can make elaborate birds from folded up pieces of paper, imagine the reaction they can coax from someone who’s been in the pokey for the past 18 months.
Meek Mill secured the services of a lawyer who sounds like he might specialize in personal injury, and was threatening a lawsuit, but it was announced yesterday that the Cosmopolitan will issue an apology, and that Meek Mill will accept the apology and won’t be filing a lawsuit.
I’m disappointed, because I think this could have been an interesting trial, and I’m curious to know why Meek Mill would accept a measly apology, when he probably could have gotten at least $100,000. He didn’t even hear the apology before announcing that he would accept it. What if it’s not good enough? Women on Twitter, for example, sometimes receive apologies that aren’t good enough.
Based on what I know about the history of Las Vegas, from the movie Casino, and the fact that Meek’s lawyer’s last name ends in a vowel, rather than, say, a -berg suffix (lol), I’m thinking a few phone calls may have been made.
They may have brought Meek Mill into a dark room, filled with cigar smoke, with one of those old school film projectors, and shown him the clip of the bloodied, chubby Joe Pesci, in his tighty whiteys, being deposited into a hole in the desert, looking like how Nicki Minaj probably looks when she rolls out of bed in the morning, and then asked him if he had any questions.
Or who knows, maybe they slid him a few dollars under the table and told him to STFU, lest they get boycotted. I wouldn’t want to cast aspersions on a group of people based on their ethnicity.
Take it easy on yourself,
P.S. If you liked the story of Meek Mill being banned from a hotel, you’ll love the story of Janet Jackson being blackballed from the entire entertainment industry, just because she exposed herself to 100 million people, as discussed in my new book, Wardrobe Malfunction, now available in paperback and ebook.

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