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Money is a terrible thing to waste

Internets, While Congress debates whether they can find it within themselves to cut us a check for $6

Life in a Shanty Town

December 18 · Issue #261 · View online
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While Congress debates whether they can find it within themselves to cut us a check for $600, so we can get that new PlayStation, I’m actually more concerned with the fact that Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife (as I prefer to identify her) has chosen to donate hundreds of millions of dollars to HBCUs.
Is it too late to get that money back?
One of the hallmarks of white supremacy is donating money to a group of people without consulting with people within that community to see how they would prefer that money be spent. It happens all the time on Indian reservations.
It goes without saying that black people value education. But black people have needs that go beyond mere book-learning, and donating hundreds of millions of dollars to HBCUs may not have been the best use for that money.
There’s a number of reasons why Bezos’ ex should reconsider this donation.
For starters, there’s the fact that Bill Cosby already donated $20 million to Spelman College, and they acted like they were too good for it.
If black colleges want any more money, they need to account for the money Bill Cosby already gave them.
A few years ago, when it was announced that Cosby is history’s most prolific rapist, Spelman announced that they were getting rid of their Bill Cosby Endowed Chair of the Humanities, or whatever it was called. Certainly, they wouldn’t want to call it an endowed chair, which has a phallic connotation.
Later, it was announced that they were giving the money back, but there hasn’t been any follow-up, as far as I know. As Whitney Houston would say, I need to see some receipts. Did they cut Bill Cosby a check for $20 million?
Arguably, they should have to cut him a check for more than that. Cosby donated that money back in 1988. If he’d invested that money in, say, Amazon stock, or used it to but NBC, it’d be worth like a billion dollars.
Spelman, and any other school the Cos donated to might be obligated to turn over their Bezos Ransom to Bill Cosby, and that might be something for Cosby’s lawyers to look into when they’re not busy thanking Lil Boosie on Twitter.
Then there’s the fact that all of the worst black people went to HBCUs.
The student bodies of HBCUs are made up of equal parts of the following:
a) Black people from Africa who look down on black people from the US, even though they come from countries where people run around chasing after lions and tigers with their balls hanging out of their loincloths (loinscloth?)
b) Black people with blue checkmarks beside their names on Twitter, who live to talk bad about black men (even if they are themselves black men) and angle for diversity-hire jobs in white supremacist institutions
c) Black people who attended HBCUs for seven years and never quite managed to graduate, who nevertheless won’t shut the fuck up about how much they love HBCUs, how attending an HBCU taught them what it means to be black, the pride they felt stepping onto campus and being surrounded by non-ADOS blacks and blue checkmarks, so on and so forth
Giving these people any more money than they already have would only serve to encourage them—at a time when we’re already at risk of being forced to pay off their student loans.
At the very least, Bezos’ ex should wait to see if President-Elect Joe Biden cancels student loan debt.
As far as I know, this would only apply retroactively to money people already borrowed and apparently can’t afford to pay back—meaning it would only be throwing good money after bad. But if he actually goes through with it, I’m sure there would be pressure to make college free.
Congress is becoming increasingly filled with broke ethnic women with extremely liberal views. In addition to AOC and the less attractive members of The Squad, there’s Cori Bush from here in the STL, who never misses an opportunity to mention that she’s been “unhoused.” So you know she’s about to vote for ALL the welfare.
Regardless, schools won’t need as much money, with learning being online.
Transitioning to work from home and online learning has led to a few difficulties, including Jeffrey Toobin getting caught rubbing one out on a Zoom call with Jane Mayer and Masha Gessen, neither of whom he could have been masturbating to, but for the most part it’s been successful, leading many businesses to wonder if it’s worth continuing to lease office space when Corona is over in April.
Similarly, I wonder if it’s necessary for HBCUs to have actual buildings. Could the entire system not be run out of a call center in an office park not unlike the one where Warehouse #2 is located? I’m not sure what the app Clubhouse is, but I feel like that could be of use; I know a lot of black people are on it. If kids can’t afford computers, that can be paid for out of the money they’re saving on rent.
When it was announced that Bezos’ ex was giving out free money, many on Twitter remarked that you don’t see Jeff Bezos donating to HBCUs, and he has even more money than she does.
While I see their point, and I do feel that he owes me money, I also feel that he could have found a more effective use for hundreds of millions of dollars.
I get that she’s still bitter about his alleged infidelity. Hence insisting on receiving credit for what’s being presented as an act of charity. But lives are at stake here.
Just because she didn’t work for it doesn’t mean she should throw this money away.
Take it easy on yourself,

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