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Leave Young Jeezy's Asian girlfriend alone!

Internets, The Corona virus has been around for like two weeks, and already thousands of people have

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The Corona virus has been around for like two weeks, and already thousands of people have died. But I’m actually more concerned about Young Jeezy’s Asian girlfriend, Jeannie Mai, who’s been subjected to racist abuse on the Internets.
Mai is a fashion expert on daytime television and a celebrity makeup artist, but not the one who was sexually harassed by the white Touré. God forbid.
She’s been dating Young Jeezy since this past fall, after she was divorced from a white guy she was married to for 10 years, perhaps because she was no longer sufficiently subservient. (I’m just spitballing here.)
A lot of white guys get with Asian women because they don’t have what it takes to please a white woman, so I imagine getting with Young Jeezy was quite the adjustment for Mai.
This past weekend, she was at some fashion event with Jeezy. Photos of the two of them were posted on the remaining bored hoodrat blogs. In the comments section, some people chimed in with jokes about the Corona virus.
According to an article I skimmed in the venerable New York Post, one person warned Jeezy that he was at risk of catching the virus, while another person suggested that he already has it, and that’s what attracted him to Mai.
Mai is the co-host of some show called “The Real,” which, from what I understand, is like a more ethnic version of “The View,” featuring, among other people, one of the girls from “Sister Sister” and the girl from 3LW who threw a bucket of KFC at Naturi Naughton. As far as I know, it’s not related to the blog-era white hip-hop sketch comedy troupe.
On a recent episode of “The Real,” Mai complained about the abuse she’s received and issued a dire warning about the dangers of xenophobia, suggesting that the US might start preemptively locking up Asian people, before they can infect us all with the Corona virus.
For what it’s worth, the US did lock up the Japanese during World War II. I’m not sure how they could tell the Japanese from the Chinese, and I wouldn’t be surprised some other forms of Asian got caught up in that as well. (Mai is part-Chinese and part-Vietnamese.)
In the late ‘80s, the government cut $20,000 checks to everyone who was in those camps. But I thought the US didn’t do reparations?
Again, I wonder how they went about determining who was in those camps and who wasn’t. Were they just going by names? Was there a Sum Yung Gai in one of those camps? That was me!
It wouldn’t make sense to lock up all the Chinese, because you don’t have to be Chinese to catch the Corona virus. But I wouldn’t put it past the president to float that idea, if he thinks it might be useful in the forthcoming election.
If anti-Asian sentiment increases, it could cause the price of Asian vagine to plummet. If it gets especially bad, I might get my own Chinese girlfriend.
Some good might come of the Corona virus just yet!
Happy Valentine’s Day,

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