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Killer Mike is NOT the new Kanye

Internets, Every once in a while, my close personal friend and fitness role model Killer Mike likes t

Life in a Shanty Town

September 11 · Issue #232 · View online
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Every once in a while, my close personal friend and fitness role model Killer Mike likes to make a questionable political statement, just to keep things interesting.
When the kids who almost got shot up in Parkland, FL, marched for gun control, for example, Killer Mike gave an interview to the one black guy from NRATV, Clayton Bigsby.
When activists from Black Lives Matter burned down a Wendy’s in Killer Mike’s native Atlanta to protest yet another police shooting of an unarmed black man, he joined Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms (an African-American woman) in taking a bold stance against protesting.
This week, Killer Mike is facing criticism for having a respectful, productive meeting with the white Republican governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, a noted Trump supporter who’s been accused of having stolen the election in which he became governor from a black woman, Stacey Abrams.
Admittedly, the optics are no good.
In photos posted on the governor’s Twitter, Kemp stands shoulder to shoulder with his surprisingly hot wife, while Mike stands on the far opposite side of the room, like he’s waiting for a signal to gas up the Lincoln Town Car.
I get that they had to be six feet apart from each other, due to Corona, but I wonder if Kemp didn’t want Killer Mike getting too close to his wife. There may have been an incident with a black guy when the two of them were in college, and now he sometimes walks in on her watching BET.
I’m just spitballing.
Kemp doesn’t have to stay six feet away from his wife, because he sleeps in a bed with her every night, and that’s reason enough to resent the man. Never mind his politics.
I consulted the Google re: the 2018 gubernatorial election, to see if there’s any validity to the claim that he stole the election from Stacey Abrams. Sometimes a Republican politician will give black voters a ride to a polling place and a pack of menthol cigarettes in exchange for voting against their own interests.
Apparently, before he was governor Kemp was secretary of state, and he passed a law stating that your name on your voter registration card had to match the name on your driver’s license exactly or you wouldn’t be allowed to vote.
This is of course racist against black people, since black people are more likely to misspell their own names on a voter registration card—not because black people don’t know how to spell (that’s just a coincidence), but because black people have more creative names than white people.
As a result, tens of thousands of people weren’t allowed to vote in the 2018 election, which Kemp won with only 50.2 percent of the vote.
This wouldn’t have been as much of an issue if Kemp’s opponent, Stacey Abrams, was selected to be Joe Biden’s running mate in this year’s presidential election, but she was passed over in favor of Kamala Harris, most likely because Harris is significantly more attractive. And you can’t blame that on Killer Mike, who himself is a large brother.
I don’t know anything about Stacey Abrams other than that she writes trashy romance novels under a pseudonym and she owes $200,000 on a credit, but I’d be willing to bet that she’s more qualified to be president than Kamala Harris. She might not be as good at balancing a budget, but I bet she’d be strong on defense. You wouldn’t be able to just run up on the US, with Stacey Abrams as president. 9/11 could have been prevented.
At the very least, Stacey Abrams is not a former cop. Black people on Twitter will sit around talking about abolishing the police, as if the shanty town could withstand the crime wave that would ensue, and then, in the very same breath, express support for the guy who wrote the ‘94 crime bill and someone who passed a law to throw people’s mothers in jail for not sending their kids to school, as if there’s anything worthwhile to learn in school.
But Killer Mike is the one who’s the asshole, because he met with the governor, who happens to be a white Republican Trump supporter. Killer Mike can’t help it if tens of thousands of black people in Georgia don’t even know how to spell their own names. Maybe he was meeting with the governor to discuss increasing the education budget.
If Kamala is elected, black kids won’t have a choice but to go to school. They might as well learn something.
Take it easy on yourself,

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