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Is Chance the Rapper trying to tell us something?

Is Chance the Rapper trying to tell us something?
By Byron Crawford • Issue #452 • View online
Sometimes, when a man’s sexual preference is out of the ordinary, he doesn’t come right out and announce it to the world. He dips a proverbial toe in the water, to see how people will react. No Boutros.
It’s quite possible that no one would have noticed that Chance the Rapper has been liking transgender pr0n on Twitter. I haven’t so much as heard his name mentioned in years. Maybe I haven’t been spending enough time at the bus station.
The last time he had an album out, that I can recall, was when he was rapping about how much he loves his wife, which, no one wants to hear about how much a guy loves his wife.
Usually, if a guy can’t stop going on about how much he loves his wife, it’s because his wife is not worth a shit. He’s trying to convince himself, and also trying to do what he can for her self-esteem.
Chance the Rapper’s wife has a strong face, like she could grind rocks into pebbles using her teeth, and people are suggesting that this may have been a clue that he prefers girls who were once guys.
Mrs. Chance the Rapper was “assigned female at birth,” as far as I know (her pediatrician had yet to respond, at press time), but I’d be curious to see how fast she can run a 40-yard dash. Something tells me she could give Robert Patrick in Terminator 2: Judgment Day a run for his money.
Chance the Rapper, as I recall, had her living in a place that’s nicer than where I live, but entirely inappropriate for a rapper’s baby’s mother. 50 Cent wouldn’t even allow his son to live there. She threatened to take him to the cleaners, so he let her move in with him.
Supposedly, he makes a lot more money from his music than most rappers, because he’s not signed to a major label. Not that major record labels rip people off. Now is not the time to make any insensitive remarks about who runs record labels and how they generally operate.
Searching Chance the Rapper on Twitter yesterday—a risk I was willing to take for the sake of music journalism—I got the sense that many in the alphabet community have long been aware of the Rapper’s proclivities, or at least hat their suspicions. Maybe it was something about his music.
Some were hoping that Chance the Rapper would take this as an opportunity to bring his complete self to work, so to speak. They like nothing more than to hear that a prominent black man is gay—but not because they’re pursuing some sort of agenda. They just want everyone to be free to do whatever they want to do, provided it doesn’t involve saying certain words. I can dig it.
Rather than admitting he’s been secretly gay this entire time, Chance merely unliked the tweet and pretended like it didn’t happen. He didn’t even do the thing where he claimed he got hacked. I’d argue that makes him look even more suspect than copping a plea, but maybe that was the point.
Maybe this was the first in a series of acts intended to gradually reveal to the world the nature of his sexuality. Nullus. Or second, if you count Coloring Book.


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