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In defense of PnB Rock's girlfriend

In defense of PnB Rock's girlfriend
By Byron Crawford • Issue #442 • View online
Once again misogyny rears its ugly head, this time in the form of accusations that PnB Rock’s girlfriend is responsible for his death, just because she posted his location on Instagram, thus tipping off the people who robbed and killed him.
Maybe she needed her friends and family to know that she was combining breakfast foods and fried chicken like a special needs child.
I’ll admit to being jealous. Well, aside from the part where she witnessed a grisly murder and then got insulted by Kodak Black on Instagram Stories.
When I saw those grisly images of PnB Rock taking his final breaths, there was definitely a part of me that wondered if they finished those chicken and waffles.
I hate to see good food go to waste.
I’ve never been to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, nor have I eaten chicken and waffles anywhere else. I’m not some Instagram-eats-first bad millennial. But I like both fried chicken and waffles, perhaps needless to say.
In an interview with Akademiks, PnB Rock said that someone tried to rob him not long before someone popped a cap in his ass. It may have even been the same person.
Did he not have a talk with his girlfriend about posting his location while he’s in public? If he didn’t, I’d argue that this is his fault. You can’t necessarily expect her to put one and two together. I don’t know how smart she is.
Obviously, leaving his expensive jewelry at home to go eat fried chicken and breakfast food, at the same time, was out of the question, as was hiring professional security, or even just a team of armed weed carriers.
It costs a lot of money for professional security. If he had to pay that, he may not have been able to afford expensive jewelry, thus defeating the purpose of body guards in the first place.
I don’t know the name of any PnB Rock songs, nor do I know the last time he had a hit, so I’m not sure what his financial situation was.
You don’t necessarily want any weed carriers around when you’re taking your girlfriend to breakfast, or whatever meal that was supposed to be. They might interfere with your ability to make sweet, passionate love to her—this despite the fact that you paid for her meal, thus arguably entitling you to her body.
Girls don’t like it when you have a guy friend whose meal you sometimes have to pay for, because he doesn’t have a job, in part because they see that money as theirs. Erykah Badu wrote a song about it back in the ‘90s.
Kodak Black suggested that PnB Rock’s girlfriend should kill herself, but I wonder if he was just trolling her because he finds her attractive. I remember he offered himself to Lauren London after Nipsey Hussle was assassinated.
Fortunately for her, Hussle left a burgeoning real estate empire. Whereas, PnB Rock’s girlfriend might be shit out of luck. That jewelry may have been his prized possession, and it’s gone. J. Prince might not even be able to get it back. The block is too hot.
If she does end up having to get with Kodak Black, or worse, hopefully she will have learned an important lesson about posting pictures of your breakfast on Instagram.


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