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If you knew about Harvey Weinstein and didn't say anything, this is all your fault

Internets, I was remarking to someone the other day that I meant to include the allegations against H

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I was remarking to someone the other day that I meant to include the allegations against Harvey Weinstein in last week’s newsletter, on the Las Vegas shooting, the Needle Drop’s ties to the alt-right, Milo Yiannopoulos and what have you, but I refrained from doing so because I’m lazier than a mofo (but not because I’m black).
Well, it’s a good thing I didn’t. As it turns out, that initial article in the Times, on Harvey’s arguably inappropriate pattern of inviting aspiring actresses to business meetings in hotel rooms and then trying to get them to give him a massage, was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Since then, Harvey has been accused of at least three rapes, including forcible oral (which is a thing that exists) with Asia Argentino, and more sexual harassment than I can keep track of.
If you’re not one of the alleged victims, this scandal is the gift that keeps on giving. I’m glad these allegations are coming out, not because I enjoy reading stories about women being taken advantage of, but because I’m glad that such a prolific sexual predator is finally being brought to justice.
However, I do have some concerns.
For starters, I could do without so many people congratulating themselves for having known about Harvey’s m-o since back when the Crying Game was in theaters.
In some cases, these are just people trying to brag about their involvement, however marginal, in the entertainment industry, for the benefit of girls from rural areas, who might be impressed by that sort of thing, not unlike people who try to harass celebrities into taking pictures with them.
But some of these people really are trying to argue that they deserve credit for having known about, and presumably disapproved of, Harvey’s, uh, proclivities, for years before the article in the Times the other day, despite not having done anything about it.
Some of them are women who, after complaining to Weinstein Company HR, opted for a settlement, which is not the exact same thing as selling your pussy to Harvey Weinstein, but many would argue that it’s in the same ballpark.
I don’t know for a fact that this ever happened, but you could easily imagine one of his alleged victims leaving his suite at the Peninsula Beverly Hills, her sweaty palms clutching a check for $80,000, as the next potential victim arrives.
To think, the amount of time you’d have to spend on Twitter to justify, or even valorize, sitting there and watching, and not saying anything, as a young woman enters an alleged rapist’s lair. These people are truly fucked in the head. No Boutros.
I could also do without all of the BS calls for men to speak out about how sexual harassment is wrong, and the implication that so many men are either harassing women or covering up for men who want to harass women.
Obvious question: If Harvey-like behavior is so rampant in Hollywood, how come there hasn’t been a single accusation against another studio exec, that I’m aware of, since the Times article hit the Internets?
Men whose names aren’t Harvey Weinstein are the only truly innocent people in this matter, because they honestly had no way of knowing. What sense would it have made for Harvey to tell another guy that he routinely assaulted women?
Sample conversation between Harvey Weinstein and Quentin Tarantino, in the mind of the typical Jezebel staffer:
Harvey Weinstein: Before we discuss the casting for Pulp Fiction, I’d like to share with you, apropos of nothing, the fact that I’m a serial rapist and harasser of women.
Quentin Tarantino: You can trust that I won’t speak a single word of this for the next 23 years, because I don’t report crimes against women, because I hate women.
Oddly enough, a few men have come forward to report having been harassed by gay studio execs. Terry Crews said a guy grabbed his junk in front of his wife, and he was too afraid to commit what arguably would have been a justifiable hate crime.
This was especially inconvenient for the girls on Twitter, because while they have no problem criticizing men for not reporting crimes they didn’t even know about, they would never, ever call for a discussion about gay men being sexual predators.
You’d think they’d at least be concerned with what might happen if someone tried that shit with a brother who’s not on the DL.
Take it easy on yourself,

I was once sexually harassed in the workplace
Sometimes a nigga get confused
(For more on my time at White Castle, check out my first book, The Mindset of a Champion.)
Free Nelly
I don't have a single fact, but I believe Nelly is innocent
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