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I trust Kyrie's opinion over science


Life in a Shanty Town

October 15 · Issue #347 · View online

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I stand with Kyrie Irving in his courageous refusal to get the Covid vaccine just so he can play in the NBA.
NBA players make a lot of money, and it’s a testament to Irving’s character that he’s willing to forgo that money in order to avoid participating in what many in the African-American community feel is the second coming of the Tuskegee Experiment.
Although, it’s not clear to me that Kyrie would need any more money than he already has. He seems like kind of a weirdo, and I don’t know that there’s anything he buys that costs a lot of money.
Remember when Jay-Z did an episode of MTV’s “True Life” back circa… I’m gonna guess The Dynasty, and he had to get on Just Blaze for spending all of his money on video games? These weren’t even good video games. They were shitty video games from like 1983 that people didn’t even like playing back then.
Similarly, I wouldn’t put it past Kyrie Irving to be really into hentai DVDs. I have no evidence that this is the case, but he kinda gives off that vibe. If he is, I suspect that he already owns all of the ones he really wants, for a few reasons, including the following:
1) There can’t be that many hentai DVDs, because anyone who would watch that probably doesn’t have a job and hence can’t afford very many of them, which places a natural restriction on the size of the market.
2) DVDs, even if they’re expensive—like the best normal porn DVDs, where all four scenes are good—don’t cost a lot of money, and NBA players make millions of dollars a year.
3) Hentai is popular in countries where people don’t have an appropriate level of respect for copyright laws, which puts downward pressure on the amount studios can charge and reasonably expect anyone to actually buy a legit copy.
It’s quite possible that Irving has something that he’d rather be doing than playing basketball anyway. Regardless, I’m starting to think that he’s making the right decision.
Common sense would dictate that team owners don’t want their players to get the vaccine because they give a shit about their players’ wellbeing.
We already saw what that guy Jon Gruden said about black people, and many of the more astute amongst us noticed that he was forced to resign not for comparing black people’s lips to Michelin tires, but for calling Michael Sam the other f-word, thus proving that literally everything Dave Chappelle said in “The Closer” was right.
If all of the best NBA players got Covid, white guys might have to play, TV ratings would go down and the owners would be out a few dollars.
But I think it’s a known fact that for every great NBA player, there’s a guy from his hometown who was even better, who couldn’t quite make it to the league because the coach he played for was racist, or he got really into crack. I’m sure it would be easy enough to find those guys.
Some guys aren’t allowed to play basketball in college, because they can’t spell their own names correctly on the ACT, let alone fill in a sufficient number of correct circles on the Scantron form. (Sometimes they fill in more than one, which voids that answer, even if one of those circles was correct.) That always seemed ridiculous to me, and arguably racist. Those guys can also be brought in.
Something else many may have failed to consider is that Magic Johnson was allowed to play basketball while HIV-positive. Many have suggested that you can’t get AIDS from playing basketball, to which my response would be: Would you be willing to play basketball with a gym full of guys who all have AIDS? I rest my case.
If Magic Johnson was allowed to play basketball with a disease, why is Kyrie not being allowed to play for avoiding a vaccine that might not even prevent you from catching a disease? I suspect that there’s more going on here, and I salute Kyrie for conducting his own research. Sometimes there’s better information on Instagram than you can get from trained medical professionals.
Is it any wonder they’re trying to ban Instagram, supposedly because it’s bad for teenage girls’ self-esteem? Have you seen some of the girls on Instagram?
Take it easy on yourself,

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