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I thought Minnesota was nice?

Internets, I'm looking at some of the images coming out of Minneapolis, and I guess my question is, a

Life in a Shanty Town

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I’m looking at some of the images coming out of Minneapolis, and I guess my question is, are we not still on quarantine?
Target (pronounced Tarjay), which I believe is based in Minnesota, probably regrets opening up so quickly after Corona, just so aggrieved African Americans could steal all of the TVs and then burn the place to the ground.
HDTVs cost like $99 now, right? I feel like there’s more expensive things in the store that people could be stealing, even in a Target.
I notice most people still had their surgical masks on, which was actually quite responsible of them and should be mentioned in any media coverage of the protests.
In addition to protecting you from Corona at times when social distancing might be difficult, like when you’re fighting over the last combination pressure cooker/air fryer, they also prevent smoke inhalation when the store is set on fire.
Was anyone else surprised at the sheer number of black people participating in these protests (which is what I’ve chosen to call them, out of respect)? I used to have a few relatives who lived in the Twin Cities, including my cousin Skip, who had a bit part in the Bill Paxton movie Frailty. I’ve been up there once or twice, and I don’t recall seeing that many black people. They really came out of the woodwork.
It’s a testament to the disturbing nature of the video of the cop killing George Floyd. It might be the worst of these cop snuff films that I’ve seen, including the Eric Garner video, if only because it’s so nonsensical. Why was he kneeling on the guy’s neck? Did he fear that Floyd had superhuman strength, from sniffing PCP? (Floyd was, in fact, a Houston rapper.)
Beyond the disturbing nature of the video, there’s the fact that it followed so quickly on the heels of the video of the African American bird enthusiast who was almost assassinated when a Karen called the police on him and said he threatened to kill both her and her dog. I wrote about it in this week’s Members Only™ edition of the newsletter. As recently as Tuesday, some of our most astute commentators were on Twitter declaring that Karen was trying to have that guy killed, and then the George Floyd video emerged, proving them correct.
The fact that this is happening in Minnesota, and it’s still May, doesn’t bode well for the rest of the summer. It could be a hot one. Some of the worst people in our society have been sitting indoors since March, eagerly awaiting the moment they could falsely accuse someone of something. People who can’t afford to miss work for a week have been out of a job for months. They need something for free, and I suspect that we won’t be getting any more of those $1200 checks.
I stay inside during the summer anyway, as a lifestyle choice (nullus), but I’m definitely not going anywhere this year. If the Corona doesn’t get you, the cops might shoot you.
Take it easy on yourself,

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