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I stand with Gabrielle Union

Internets, I was disgusted, this week, to hear that Bring It On star Gabrielle Union was fired from h

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I was disgusted, this week, to hear that Bring It On star Gabrielle Union was fired from her job as a judge on “America’s Got Talent” just because she complained to NBC’s HR department about a truly inappropriate joke Jay Leno made about Koreans kidnapping people’s dogs, and not to keep them as pets.
How is Gabrielle Union the one being fired and not Jay Leno, the fact that he only appeared on a single episode of the show as a guest host notwithstanding? Is there a way they can get the guest appearance fee he received back? He’s got enough cars as it is.
I wonder if NBC employees receive their paychecks on one of those Wells Fargo debit cards, or if they only do that at the kind of places where I work. (They can use those cards to get the money they paid you back after it’s already been loaded onto your card, if they find out you stole something.)
Not only should complaining to HR result in someone else being fired, or at least having a special letter placed in their file, like in the military, but it should preclude the person who filed the complaint from being fired, ever, lest they sue for retaliation.
It might be necessary for Gabrielle Union to sue NBC, and if she does I hope the network is bankrupted to the point where they’re forced to air “Alf” and “Hogan Family” reruns in prime time. I hope it’s worth so little that Bill Cosby can afford to buy it from prison.
I never miss an episode of “America’s Got Talent,” so this has been an especially difficult week for me.
The fact that NBC would pull this shit the same week as Thanksgiving just goes to show how inconsiderate they are—I mean, if it wasn’t already clear from the fact that they installed a button underneath Matt Lauer’s desk that locked the door to his office, thus converting it into a rape dungeon.
It’s a wonder I was able to get out of bed this morning at the ass crack of 4:30 to take advantage of this year’s generous assortment of Black Friday deals.
I’m feeling somewhat better now, with my new deep fryer/pressure cooker and a copy of Jordan Peele’s Us on Blu Ray. Thanks for asking.
The one thing NBC might have going in their favor is that Gabrielle Union wasn’t really fired; they simply opted not to renew her contract, as they’ve done with other female judges, some of whom where white.
Is it possible to sue a network for opting not to renew a contract with a performer? Is the keyword there not opt[ion]?
If it’s possible to prevail in such a lawsuit, this could be the key to getting Louis CK’s series back on the supposedly fearless FX. Trust that I’ll be following the developments in this case with bated breath.
If Gabrielle Union had been thinking, she would have tried to get fired before her contract came to an end anyway. She could have shown up for work half an hour late for six weeks straight and then argued that expecting black people to be on time is “culturally biased.”
Union’s husband, former NBA player Dwyane Wade, might have discussed this with her before the situation got the the point where it is, but you can tell he has limited input into the goings on in their household from the fact that Union had one of their sons at the gay parade along with Envy from the legendary Iron Mic battle.
Not that I have a problem with 12-year-old boys freely and openly discussing their sexual interests. (No Sandusky.) But there’s always the risk, at those Pride parades, of being involuntarily exposed to public bufuing. It’s one of the main reasons I don’t attend myself.
Take it easy on yourself,

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