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Free speech prevails at the Grammys


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November 26 · Issue #359 · View online

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Credit where credit is due to the Grammys, which saw fit to acknowledge the artistic excellence of Louis CK and Marilyn Manson despite their various alleged misdeeds.
Some of the most morally correct commentators on Twitter are suggesting that this marks the end of cancel culture, and I’m gonna have to agree.
It can’t be a mere matter of coincidence that these nominations were announced the same week that Me Too, the organization, abruptly fired all of their employees and shut down operations just in time for the holidays, and the trans person who tried to get Dave Chappelle’s “The Closer” removed from Netflix quit their job.
I took the latter to mean that this person, however they identify, was allowed to quit before they were escorted out of the building by security like they stole something. Hopefully, they’re sued into oblivion for leaking the ratings info for “The Queen’s Gambit” and what have you, as if anyone gives a shit.
And lest we forget, this was also the year that The Cos was found not guilty, in a sense, and allowed to come home from prison. Maybe he can get a special on Netflix, which can then be nominated for a Grammy.
In case there was any question, the guy who runs the Grammys confirmed that the organization doesn’t take problematic behavior into consideration when deciding who gets nominated.
So this wasn’t just a matter of elderly Grammy voters not being aware that Louis (consensually) rubbed one out in front of two aspiring female comics, and Marilyn Manson locks girls up in a soundproof vocal booth if they’re not sufficiently compliant.
Although, there may not have been very many other worthwhile artists in either of their respective categories, if any.
I’m not even sure what category Marilyn Manson would be in (metal perhaps), but I can’t imagine there’s anyone in it as talented as he is. Didn’t they once give Best Metal Album to Jethro Tull, a band with a motherfucking flute in it?
I don’t like comedy specials much even when they’re good, but when are they ever good? Over the years, I’ve made the mistake of watching a number of Netflix specials that I was told were hilarious, including the one where it’s a lady who’s pregnant, and even, as much as I hate to admit, one with America’s most credible media figure, Joe Rogan, who sucks balls at standup comedy.
The only other comedian I can think of who should even be nominated is Dave Chappelle, for the aforementioned “The Closer.” If he is, and if Louis wins, possibly due to interference from the gay mafia that secretly runs Hollywood, Louis should seriously consider pulling a Ving Rhames and tearfully handing his trophy over to Chappelle who, with “The Closer,” made it possible for alleged sex offenders to still win Grammys.
I’m not saying it’s right to fap in front of girls who don’t have the sense to say they’d rather not have a look. I’m just saying. I’m glad we once again live in a country where the very best artists can be acknowledged as such regardless of what they do in their free time, which is really irrelevant anyway.
Take it easy on yourself,

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