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Free Mac Miller's drug dealer


Life in a Shanty Town

September 10 · Issue #127 · View online
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I thought we agreed that a drug dealer is someone to be venerated in hip-hop?
Jay-Z, for example, was once a drug dealer, and it was through drug dealing that he cultivated the business acumen that ultimately led to his historic partnership with the NFL…
Okay, bad example.
But you catch my drift (nullus): The hip-hop community loves drug dealers. We buy (er, bought) albums from people who claim to have once been drug dealers. We make excuses for why people who were caught selling drugs shouldn’t have to go to prison. We envy the fancy material things drug dealers are able to buy, and the girls who have sex with them for that reason.
Never in a million years would I have thought that I’d see a video of kids at a hip-hop function cheering a drug arrest as if they were black people cheering the OJ verdict back in 1995.
And yet:
Mac Miller
“So they finally caught that motherf**ker”

-Mac Miller’s father (Mark McCormick) 🙌🏼 💯
11:57 PM - 7 Sep 2019
In addition to the video, above, of Mac Miller’s father, Pops Miller or whatever, announcing that they “finally caught the MFer” who sold Mac Miller the drugs, Mac Miller’s ex, Ariana Grande, told TMZ that the late rapper’s drug dealer should be buried underneath the jail.
Mac Miller and Ariana Grande were no longer an item when he died, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the fact that she dropped him like a bad habit (ahem) led him to do more drugs than he would have otherwise. Ariana Grande was a tiny woman, and it would have been hard for him to find that same “fit” without getting with a guy.
Fortunately, for the sake of optics, the guy arrested for selling Mac Miller bad fake prescription meds, one Cameron James Pettit, wasn’t black. He looks like the bastard offspring of one of the members of Blink-182—the unintended consequence of something that happened on the Enema of the State tour, perhaps.
The media, if you notice, is calling Pettit by all three of his names, as if to suggest that Mac Miller was assassinated. Would he have been afforded the same courtesy if his alleged victim had been black? Would he even have been arrested?
It used to be that famous drug addicts would have hoo-ers try their drugs out, to make sure there was nothing wrong with them, similar to the way that kings would have the court jester taste their wine, to make sure it hadn’t been poisoned, as discussed in The 48 Laws of Power.
Worst case scenario, you’d end up with a dead hooker in the trunk, which could easily be dealt with by Mossad. I wonder if Mac Miller was aware of this but didn’t employ this tactic himself because of the whole #MeToo movement. If so, they’re arguably just as at fault for his death as Cameron James Pettit.
Note, by the way, that “hoo-er” in this case could be male or female, or some weird combination of the two, and drug tester could be a new job function for many male former weed carriers, now that weed is legal. I wouldn’t want people to think I’m discriminating. I’m just out here trying to offer solutions.
Take it easy on yourself,
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