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Father of the Decade: T.I.

Internets, White supremacists, and black people whose brains have been infected by white supremacists

Life in a Shanty Town

November 8 · Issue #144 · View online
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White supremacists, and black people whose brains have been infected by white supremacists, hate the idea of a black man who takes care of his kids, so of course they’re upset to hear that T.I. accompanies his daughter to the gynecologist, where he insists that the doctor inspect his daughter’s vagine to make sure that her hymen is still intact.
The daughter in question, Deyjah, is 18 and now in college, so she has to sign papers granting her father access to her medical information. The fact that she willingly signs papers allowing her doctor to tell her father whether or not her cherry has been popped renders moot (“mute”) any suggestion that T.I.’s interest in his daughter’s reproductive health somehow constitute’s abuse.
I thought feminists were all about consent? If Deyjah consents to a hymen inspection for her father’s benefit, that should be the end of the conversation. To suggest that she shouldn’t be allowed to do so is tantamount to reap. Arguably, it’s worse than any number of things that are often characterized as reap, e.g. having sex with a girl after she’s had more than like one and a half beers.
The most attractive women in our society, who don’t weigh any more than a buck and some change, can hardly drink a beer without blowing a .08 on a breathalyzer. I guess they’re supposed to just not have sex? Meanwhile, having sex with the kind of girl who puts down a sixer before leaving the house, like a proper adult, is arguably a crime against the guy.
Up until fairly recently, Deyjah was a minor. It goes without saying that the father of a daughter who’s yet to reach the age of majority should be allowed to inquire about her vagine. What if there’s something wrong with it? If she’s not old enough to consent to sweet, passionate lovemaking with a grown-ass man, a torn hymen could be evidence that she’s been violated.
In some states, it’s legal for a girl who’s below the age of consent to have sex with a guy provided he’s not any more than like two years older than she is. If that’s the case, and that’s what she wants to do, then that’s her business—I’m progressive like that. Unfortunately, there’s simply no way to know, from the state of a girl’s hymen, the age of the guy who tore it.
If it’s absolutely obliterated, then you can kinda assume that it’s been done away with by someone who knows what he’s doing. But who knows? Maybe it was a young guy who’s especially well-endowed. Nullus. You can’t take your daughter’s word that she hasn’t been taken advantage of, because a woman has to be old enough to vote to know whether or not she wants to have sex, and hence she may have been brainwashed.
What if Jeffrey Epstein or someone got to Deyjah, and she didn’t report it to the police because she wasn’t quite old enough to have any sense? The media, for the past few years, has been filled with stories of women significantly older than she is, who I’m sure would like to be considered intelligent; nevertheless, it didn’t occur to them to report their abuse until it became a trend on social media.
It’s absolutely vital that T.I. monitors his daughter’s sexual activity because no guy wants a girl who’s the town bicycle. It’s hard enough for a black woman, albeit a light skinted one, to land the kind of spouse who can generate the level of income necessary for her to keep her hair looking half-decent, and to send her kids to a school that isn’t overrun with gangbangers. Keeping her off the pole, so to speak, will improve her chances.
Anyone who would suggest otherwise has no real interest in Deyjah’s well-being. They’re just using this story to advance their own agenda. Maybe they’re embarrassed about the number of guys they’d been with by the time they were that age. I don’t know. I’d be lying if I said I understood how a woman’s mind works. If I did, I wouldn’t even have time to type this. I’d be too busy scoring.
I’m actually more concerned with why people feel it’s necessary to question a black man’s parenting techniques. It’s almost as if there’s an ongoing conspiracy to undermine the black family structure by taking out the rightful leader of said structure.
Take it easy on yourself,

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