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Everyone wins when the family feuds

Internets, Probably the best thing Shaun King and DeRay Mckesson can do for black people, at this poi

Life in a Shanty Town

September 17 · Issue #129 · View online
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Probably the best thing Shaun King and DeRay Mckesson can do for black people, at this point, is engage in increasingly ridiculous beefs on social media, and I encourage them to do so.
So you can imagine my excitement when I received a push notification from Twitter informing me that DeRay was about to go in on Shaun King. Nullus.
Alas, DeRay’s attack on Shaun King didn’t consist of anything other than a blog post, on Medium, reiterating allegations that King takes donations from his many, many bootleg charitable organizations and uses them to get his fade tightened up or whatever.
It’s not clear to me to what extent this new blog post differs from similar blog posts, from before, and I wasn’t about to go over it with a fine-tooth come to find out, because I’m not in this to get anyone their money back.
As far as I’m concerned, anyone dumb enough to donate money to Shaun King didn’t deserve that money in the first place. The first clue should have been the fact that he’s not even black! The only proof he could offer that he is was a blog post (natch) in which it’s suggested that his mother once had sex with a black guy with whom she’s since lost contact. How come he couldn’t just take a 23 and Me?
Otherwise though, Shaun King has at least proven himself adept at sniffing out emotionally manipulative news items about police brutality and what have you, whereas DeRay serves no purpose that I’m aware of.
Word on the street is that the real reason DeRay is upset with Shaun King is because the latter is set to receive some award from Rihanna, along with the black female president of Barbados, while Beyoncé is no longer returning DeRay’s calls. I wonder if Jay-Z told her to cut him off because he didn’t want DeRay around their kids.
I’m just spitballing here! I could be completely wrong about that, and if so I apologize.
Rather than respond to DeRay himself, Shaun King turned his Twitter over to his wife, who posted Shaun King’s own rebuttal to DeRay, also on Medium, and generally bitched and moaned about the attacks on her family being orchestrated by DeRay.
Many suspected that Shaun King himself was secretly writing these tweets, or at least dictating them to his wife, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was. With his career on the line, he wouldn’t want to run the risk of his wife doing any unauthorized editorializing, e.g. criticizing his detractors’ weaves or threatening to break her foot off in someone’s ass.
Obviously, the purpose of letting his wife use his Twitter, instead of her own, and changing his profile pic to a picture of her, was to indicate to society that he’s made sweet, passionate love to a black woman at least seven times, once for each of his kids—though it’s been alleged that those aren’t really his kids, and they might be part of some Department of Family Services scam he’s running.
DeRay, on the other hand, has sex with other guys, probably while he’s still wearing that blue Patagonia vest. (Nullus.) He has no children to speak of, unless you count Johnetta Elzie, who’s really more of a sidekick, in the DC Comics sense of the term. She runs the interference with black female activist types, while DeRay secures the proverbial bag from Doritos, Verizon Wireless and Wells Fargo.
It would be almost too obvious to point out that DeRay and Shaun King are two sides of the same coin. And yet, sometimes it’s necessary to make obvious points, for the sake of hip-hop journalism. The two of them are like the ancient Chinese symbol of the yin and the yang—literally, in the sense that one is black and one is white, but also in the sense that one is straight and one is gay, and one raises money from rubes on social media, while the other one goes direct to corporations.
The fact that they’re essentially the same guy, despite various superficial differences, just goes to show the eternal wisdom of Asian philosophy. I mean, if it wasn’t already clear from the first Karate Kid.
Take it easy on yourself,

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