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Erykah Badu brings up a good point

Internets, I'm not a huge fan of Adolph Hitler's paintings, but the fact of the matter is that I don'

Life in a Shanty Town

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I’m not a huge fan of Adolph Hitler’s paintings, but the fact of the matter is that I don’t know much about art. My opinion about art isn’t any more valid than many of today’s music writers’ opinions about rap music.
I consulted the Google just now to see what Hitler’s paintings look like, and I was admittedly kinda impressed. They looked beautiful to me, in much the same way that Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light’s paintings look beautiful to me, but what do I know?
I wouldn’t hang them in my house, because they don’t fit the “garbage pile chic” look I’m going for, but they’re definitely better than anything I could come up with. I can hardly write my name on a piece of paper. I was almost “held back” in kindergarten, and probably would have been had I not been significantly larger than the rest of the kids in the class and also the lady teaching it.
I think the most important question to emerge from the controversy surrounding Erykah Badu’s recent interview in New York magazine is, who’s to say whether or not Hitler was a good painter? Is art not subjective?
The conversation, which I admittedly didn’t read (because I’m black), reportedly turned to whether or not Hitler’s art was any good (my primary concern when it comes to the Führer) after Badu said that XXXTentacion is one of her favorite new artists. This was arguably more offensive than what she said about Hitler’s paintings, in that XXXTentacion has been accused of strangling his pregnant ex-girlfriend, who’s probably white.
Say what you will about Adolph Hitler, but he never (personally) choked out a woman. He treated Eva Braun with nothing but the utmost respect (I’m assuming). When she didn’t want to have sex in their bunker, Hitler didn’t “just take the pussy.” He politely abstained and maybe rubbed one out in a corner while she pretended not to notice. Why do you think he was so upset in that movie Downfall?
At a time when Aziz Ansari’s career has been destroyed just because he chased a girl around his opulent apartment and tried to put “the claw” on her, artists have to be careful not to praise the work of someone who’s been accused of abusing women. And you never know who that might be. Your best bet is to not endorse anything created by a man, and maybe some butch lesbians like Queen Latifah.
But why should Erykah Badu give a shit? She hasn’t had a real album out since the late ‘00s, and even if she did no one would buy it. Not because it’s not any good—I have no use for her music, but mostly because I’m a guy—but because no one buys albums anymore. People just stream shit on Spotify, which pays something like $0.007 per stream, i.e. less than a penny, and even that just goes to the label.
If she’s especially hard up for money, because none of the rappers she’s had babies by are working right now either, I’m sure plenty of older, Bergamont-smelling black women would be willing to spend as much as $40 mostly to hear her do “Tyrone.” In fact, she might consider hopping on Jay Electronica’s upcoming tour, if only because I don’t know if he has enough songs to play a two-hour set.
Badu and Electronica went half on a baby, so to speak, a while back, her third child by a rapper. He’s since run off to England and tried to marry into the Rothschilds, who supposedly control the international monetary supply, and that might actually be the source of Badu’s beef with the Jews. If it is, then that’s just another reason to convert your entire life savings to cryptocurrency.
Satoshi Nakamoto doesn’t have the pipe-game to break up a happy home.
Take it easy on yourself,

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