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Cosby protester emblematic of alleged victims

Internets, I was upset to see that there was another Cosby trial, after he was already tried for the

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I was upset to see that there was another Cosby trial, after he was already tried for the exact same thing last year, but then the protesters showed up.
Er, protest-er, singular—that is, unless you count each one of her cans as an individual protester.
On the first day of the trial, this past Monday, the Cos was ambushed on the way into court by a nutty black chick (possibly a tragic mulatto) with no shirt on. She shouted, and I’m paraphrasing, that he’s a rapist and that he should be buried underneath the jail.
She was quickly tackled by 5-0 and thrown into a bush before the assembled paparazzi could get very many good photos of her (alas), thus raising the question: Would 5-0 have done the same thing if it had been a guy with no pants on, his schlong swaying in the breeze?
I’m going to posit that they would not have, for precisely the same reason that I knew the guy who shot up the Pulse night club was on the DL (regardless of what Glenn Greenwald says), and predicted as much in a now-historic blog post.
Namely, if I’m escorting Bill Cosby into a courthouse, and a guy with no pants on appears from out of nowhere, the first thing I’m going to do is avert my eyes. The second thing I’m going to do is get TF out of dodge, before he tries to take advantage of me, in which case I’d be forced to pop a cap in his ass (literally) and claim that he had what appeared to be a weapon—which he did, in a sense.
I might also trip the guy next to me, which is a recommended tactic when running from a bear.
On the contrary, I wouldn’t have minded tackling Nicolle Rochelle (née Nicole Leach), the protester at the Cosby trial. She’s grown a bit long in the tooth since her days as a child actress on the Cosby Show, but as many a young brother in a comment section has pointed out, she’s still got a decent enough rack. I’d only kick her out of my bed if her eyes rolled into the back of her head, like in the Exorcist, and even then only for safety purposes.
[Sidebar: For a minute there, I thought that maybe this was the other black chick (i.e. not Coral) from the Back to New York season of the Real World. You’ll recall that she was dating some bus-stop pimp named Bobby, who was one of the unsung heroes of reality television.]
In a subsequent interview, Rochelle said her beef with the Cos is that he was incredibly nice to her on the set of the show, like a father figure, and so she felt betrayed when it was revealed, by Hannibal Buress, that he’s been accused of engaging in various forms of non-consensual lovemaking with as many as 80 women, i.e. one for every year that he’s been alive at this point. (It’s an impressive streak, in the value-neutral sense of the term “impressive.”)
In other words, this woman is out of her damn mind. I mean, if it wasn’t already clear from her shirtlessness and the way her hair was styled. She said herself that the Cos didn’t do anything to her, and yet there she was calling him all kinds of rapists. One wonders if the real problem was that she wasn’t tampered with.
She was middle school-age at the time, which is a bit young for most entertainers other than Arruh, but not so young that Cos couldn’t have “put his bid in,” so to speak. You know, bought her something so she’d feel obligated to have sex with him once she was of age.
It can be hard enough to cultivate much of a relationship with a teenager when you’re in your mid-to-late 30s (or so I’ve been told), let alone when you’re in your mid 50s. The key, therefore, is to take control of a girl’s mind before she’s old enough to decide for herself. Woody Allen made a whole movie about it. It’s called Manhattan (and it’s way more feminist than the censorship advocates at the New York Times, of all places, would have you believe).
Would Rochelle have pulled her little stunt if the Cos had roofied her and blown a load onto her feet while she was incapacitated, or whatever it is he does? In retrospect, it may have been worth giving it a shot, since she ended up upset with him anyway.
If he had, maybe she could have appeared as one of the five “prior bad act” witnesses in this trial, along with Janice Dickinson, who admitted, under oath, to having lied about the Cos in her book. She said in court the other day that the Cos drugged and raped her, but in the book she says all he did was proposition her. She declined, she said, went home, popped two Quaaludes and went to bed alone.
Either she was lying in the book or she was lying in court. I would argue that it doesn’t matter which, unless the judge decides to throw her in the pokey for contempt. The important thing is that she’s a damn liar, and therefore the case should be thrown out of court.
Cosby was already tried for the exact same thing once before. That ended in a mistrial, when the jurors couldn’t decide whether to convict. The only difference between that trial and this one is that this time they’re allowing people from separate, unrelated trials to testify, which, who ever heard of such bullshit?
If the additional witnesses are admitted liars, then what’s the point of even continuing with this second trial?
I rest on your face.
Take it easy on yourself,

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