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Charity starts at Dr. Dre's house


Life in a Shanty Town

August 6 · Issue #327 · View online

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I’m hearing a lot of stories about how Dr. Dre’s daughter has no money and lives in a car, and I guess my question is, where is the concern for Dr. Dre’s needs?
The man just went through a difficult divorce. He’s been forced to pay his ex-wife $3.5 million a year in alimony.
Not $3.5 million: $3.5 million a year, for the rest of his life. If he doesn’t randomly drop dead at 56 like Biz Markie, the brother from Whodini, Shock G, so on and so forth ad infinitum, he might actually go broke.
Then there’s the fact that he’s without his lovely wife of twenty some-odd years. Did it never occur to you people that black men have feelings too? I’m verklempt at times. Talk amongst yourselves. I’ll give you a topic.
Dre’s oldest daughter, LaTanya, 38, claims to have no money, and rather than calling her father to see how he’s holding up, and if he needs someone to tidy up on occasion and bring him a sandwich, she’s taken to appealing to some of the least reputable media outlets.
Well, she says she can’t call him, and she’s only been able to communicate with him through his staff. She says he used to give her money but he doesn’t anymore, because she talks to the media about him. The fact that she thinks talking to the media again will somehow further her cause is emblematic of the thought process that led to her living in a car in the first place.
It gets worse.
She says the car she lives in is a rental that costs $2,100 for three weeks, and she only paid for the first week. She’s out of money, and she fears that the rental car company will want their car back.
To me, that’s on them for not forcing her to pay upfront (don’t they put a $0 charge on your credit card, like at the gas station?), and I hope she finds a way to avoid giving the car back. Is there a GPS device underneath it? If she reads this and replies to this email address, I’ll send her $9 to buy one of those tiny saws plumbers use, on GP. I’m not above providing charity to women. Ask about me.
She does in fact have a job, driving for DoorDash and Uber Eats, raising a number of questions:
1) Do these food-delivery apps not have a policy about living in the same car you use to bring people their lunch? I guess it would be fine if they lived in a separate car—they could save money on rent and pass the savings on to us, the consumer—but I’ve seen cars that people live in. As black women of a certain age would say, people who live in cars are trifling.
2) If she lives in a car, where does she wash her ass? Or does she? Does she have a gym membership? I’m not sure if I’d want her handling my food. I know it’s in a plastic bag. But they can’t always tie the bag closed, because then the fries would get soggy. If she’s that hard up, it would be entirely too tempting for her to try one of my fries, and that’s another reason she shouldn’t be delivering food.
3) Did she run the numbers on bringing people a sandwich for a living in an attempt to pay for a car that costs $700 a week? Even people who lucked out and lost their jobs during Corona don’t make that kind of money. Although, many of them haven’t had to pay rent for the past year and a half. If only LaTanya was as forward-thinking as some of her shiftless counterparts.
The fact that she brings people sandwiches for a living, and she didn’t have the sense, or the compassion, to call her father (er, his accountant) and see if he needs someone to bring him a sandwich, knowing good and well he’s down a female companion, during a global pandemic, in which it’s that much more difficult to meet safe, clean women, just goes to show that Dre made a good decision by cutting her off.
Dr. Dre can afford to order his own sandwich delivery from the most expensive apps, which almost certainly wouldn’t employ LaTanya. He can even afford safe, clean women. But that’s not the point. As O.C., of “Time’s Up” fame, would say, it’s the principle of it. If LaTanya wants to be treated with compassion, she should start by being compassionate herself.
Take it easy on yourself,

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