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Can Megan Thee Stallion read?

Internets, Could it be that the Thee in Megan Thee Stallion was an actual misspelling and not, as I i

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Could it be that the Thee in Megan Thee Stallion was an actual misspelling and not, as I initially suspected, a tribute to the first Redman album?
I ask because it seems that she may not have been capable of reading the contract she signed with 1619 Records, or whatever it’s called, an independent label founded by an obscure former professional athlete—this despite the fact that she’s in college studying for some sort of thot-career in the healthcare field.
If you see her out here making rap videos for Joe Biden like the one Charlamagne Tha God and Lena Dunham made for Hillary Clinton in 2016, you’ll know it’s because she has an economic interest in preventing the rest of us from getting free health care.
It’s hardly a coincidence that Biden overtook Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary this week due in large part to black “low information voters” in the South.
Thanks a lot, assholes!
Megan Thee Stallion claims that the only money she ever got from 1619 Records was the $15,000 she received when she signed. Since then, it’s been estimated that her touring, streaming and what have you have generated $7 million in revenue.
After she signed with 1619, she signed with Roc Nation management, which, of course, is when she started to be astroturfed. That’s when you started seeing articles on her in every publication there ever was, as if she had a song that anyone has heard. (I may have contributed to this myself, admittedly.)
Last year, she had a song called “Hot Girl Summer” that was supposed to be the song of the summer, but for whatever reason, the hashtag caught on but the song didn’t.
I suspect that she’s going to make another run at it this summer, and I’m not looking forward to it.
Anyway, it sounds to me like Roc Nation is trying to debo 1619 out of their deal with Meg Thee Stallion, withholding the money she’s making from touring until they agree to renegotiate her contract, or release her from it altogether.
I’m not familiar with the terms of the contract, nor am I an expert on the law, having been pre-med, but I consulted with experts from the Law Offices of Facebook, Twitter & Weintraub, and apparently Meg’s deal with 1619 was industry standard: she was getting jerked, but not any worse than she would have been if she’d signed to, say, Bad Boy.
She’s probably especially fucked though, because I’m sure Roc Nation commands a handsome fee in exchange for the gargantuan effort they’ve put forth in an attempt to generate interest in her music where none should rightfully exist. As was the case with Kelis’ deal with the Neptunes, they really do deserve 90% of whatever she makes. And the thing is, 1619 is already taking 60% off the top, plus healthy percentages of her merch, touring and what have you.
What does that leave Megan Thee Stallion with, minus 30%? I was always intimidated by math problems that involve negative numbers, and I think that may have led, in a roundabout way, to engaging in inappropriate behavior on the Internets. We’ve all got our crosses to bear.
Take it easy on yourself,

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