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Black women don't NEED Fresh and Fit


Life in a Shanty Town

January 7 · Issue #370 · View online

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All women should aspire to physical fitness, and many of them could benefit from focusing on freshness, but black women don’t need Fresh and Fit, nor would they make sweet passionate love to its hosts.
Fresh and Fit, if you’re not familiar (and I suspect many of you aren’t), is the podcast that made headlines the other day after the legendary Asian Doll, who was a guest, walked off due to blatant disrespect. People have since dug up clips of the hosts saying they don’t date black women.
I join aggrieved black women on Twitter in calling for YouTube to investigate Fresh and Fit for having potentially violated its terms of service, on the grounds that saying you don’t date black women constitutes hate speech, let alone not knowing who Asian Doll is.
It’s 2022: It’s time for brothers to start stepping up for our sisters.
It’s also time for our sisters to show a sufficient level of gratitude for our efforts, but let’s not get sidetracked.
Many an astute commentator, including Joe Budden, have suggested that the reason the hosts of Fresh and Fit are upset with black women is because black women won’t have sex with them.
Neither of their haircuts is quite right, which is oftentimes an indication that a brother doesn’t have a very good job. His mom might be cutting his hair in the kitchen, with a pair of clippers she bought at a Walmart, like in Boyz N the Hood.
One of them is short and dark enough that he’d be hard to see in the dark if he wasn’t smiling. Even if he could play basketball, you could easily block all of his shots.
I don’t think the other guy is especially tall, he just seems that way by comparison. When they approach girls together, he probably gets all of the action. And yet, he’s the one who told Asian Doll she could get TF off of his show.
He’s also relatively light-skinned, if not full-on waffle-colored. According to Black People Twitter, light-skinned black guys are known to be sensitive. If that’s true, it explains quite a bit about Drake’s oeuvre.
In clips that have since surfaced, the short, dark-skinned brother is more vocal about his disinterest in black women, suggesting that he’s the more frequently spurned of the two.
I’m not gonna lie, I was amused by some of the terms they used to describe black intraracial dating, an arrangement which I wasn’t aware required a euphemism: night-riding, dabbling in the dark, being down with the brown.
A suggestion of my own: practicing the dark arts.
Feel free to use that, but only in the process of condemning black men who refuse to make sweet, passionate love to their own—to the extent that they’d be capable of doing so.
In another clip, the dark-skinned brother praises a black woman (no, really) for not being like other black women, i.e. ratchet and annoying, and then asks for her Instagram, perhaps to “slide in the DMs.”
You can tell what he was saying was true, because she didn’t get offended on behalf of black women who aren’t worth a shit. Not that policing the dating preferences of randos isn’t a worthwhile cause.
The fact that these guys are such losers is all the more reason for them to be dating black chicks, er, anyone they can cajole into allowing them to score, regardless of race. Beggars can’t be choosers.
I’d also be upset if I saw these guys dating white chicks, because I’d wonder what they did to deserve such a reward lol jk.
No but really.
Take it easy on yourself,

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