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Black woman, heal thyself


Life in a Shanty Town

September 24 · Issue #341 · View online

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I’m seeing a lot of stories about Nicki Minaj’s cousin having something bad happen to his balls, and I’m also seeing a lot of stories about black women dying of endometriosis because they showed up to a hospital complaining of stomach pains and the doctor thought they just had a bad attitude.
Somehow, I don’t think the solution involves black women heeding the advice of trained medical professionals.
Henrietta Lacks listened to the advice of trained medical professionals, and look what happened to her. She’s dead now, and they’re using her body for all kinds of science experiments. I shudder to think what else they may have done with it.
I’m particularly disturbed by the response to Nicki Minaj’s thoughtful anecdote, because she didn’t even say you shouldn’t get the vaccine. All she said was that you should conduct your own research before making important decisions regarding your health.
What, people can’t conduct their own research? It’s almost as if they don’t want black women to learn about science.
Could this be another front in the same war in which black men are discouraged from pursuing careers in real estate?
According to an article I read in Vox, it’s a bad thing for celebrities like Nicki Minaj to encourage their fans to conduct their own research because if they conduct their own research they could be presented with misinformation.
I took this to mean that they don’t think black women are smart enough to tell the difference between reputable health and wellness websites and those weird Infowars-adjacent sites that sell healing crystals for your vagine.
Meanwhile, it’s a known fact that black women are the most educated group of people in this country. If they can graduate from college at rates that far outstrip their male counterparts, thus ironically rendering them undesirable, I’m pretty sure they can determine if anything is wrong with Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s balls.
I’m also concerned that Candace Owens was turned down from a Corona testing facility because they disagreed with her political views. Though it’s not clear to me why she was being tested. I thought she was against the vaccine? If she’d tested positive, what would she have done, sought treatment from the same people who were trying to get her to take the vaccine?
I don’t respect her as much as I do Herman Cain, who was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, but there’s a hard limit to how upset I can be with Candace Owens, since lately I’ve cultivated an appreciation for non-ADOS black women with fit bodies and questionable perms. Candace Owens is no Karen Civil, but I wouldn’t kick her out of my bed.
Many would argue that Candace Owens deserves to die of Corona anyway for being a black female Trump supporter, which to me raises the question: Is a black woman no longer a black woman just because, if she could, she’d probably sell black people back into slavery?
Anytime a guy complains about a girl’s political views, it causes me to wonder why he’s even aware of what her political views are in the first place. Maybe he’s the one with the problem.
Take it easy on yourself,

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