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Black fathers can only do so much

Black fathers can only do so much
By Byron Crawford • Issue #422 • View online
Leave it to social media to turn the story of a black man taking care of his child into the story of a black man somehow being uncaring or inadequate.
I’m of course referring to the unfortunate viral TikTok of a mother (who’s black btw) confronting her child’s father, who’s come to bring the child a nutritious, satisfying meal from McDonald’s.
Why, you might ask, would a mother be upset to see her child’s father bring their child something to eat? Is that not what a father’s supposed to do?
Nothing about the way she talks suggests that she’s concerned about the child consuming processed foods, or the father usurping her role as a woman by providing someone with a sandwich.
She complains that he only brought food for one of her four kids, his own. If he was going to bring McDonald’s for one of her kids, she says, he should have brought it for all four of them.
This, of course, was a ridiculous argument, and I was disappointed—but not surprised—to see how many people on Twitter agreed with her.
In a subsequent video, the mother explains that the child who was fortunate enough to get some McDonald’s is the last (so far) of her four kids. So the father knew what kind of program she was running when he got with her.
It’s tragic to think that, with the overturning of Roe v. Wade, we might start to hear more and more of these stories.
She doesn’t say how many other baby-daddies she has or what happened to them. None of them has come forward since the initial video went viral. I wonder if that’s because they’re not aware of it or if they don’t want to be associated with it.
I’d feel obligated to provide my own child with a Happy Meal, and I might not be in a position to do that right now, financially. Prices have gone up considerably since Trump made the mistake of giving people $600 a week to sit around the house researching the blockchain.
Which is all the more reason why it’s ridiculous to expect someone to purchase McDonald’s for three kids who don’t even belong to him. That’s like $30 worth of food! If I’m spending that kind of money on someone else’s kid, I need to be provided with some sort of consideration by the child’s mother.
We can tell from the size of the bag—and the fact that it’s in a bag—that it’s not a Happy Meal. Also, the drink, which appears to be that weird Orange Drink shit, is in a government-sized tank. He must have paid extra to have the meal Super Sized. To think, he’s being called a deadbeat.
The fact that he’s eating adult-sized servings raises the question of how old the child is. If he’s the youngest of four, his older siblings could be nearing adulthood, if not already there. For all we know, the mother could be complaining that the father didn’t buy food for a guy who’s like 26.
In the response video, it’s implied that the mother ate the food herself, because she didn’t want the other kids to feel left out. That doesn’t really make any sense, because I’d still feel left out regardless of who ate the McDonald’s.
More importantly, it might be necessary to get Child Protective Services involved. If she ate the food he brought for the kid, what did the kid eat? If she had other food for the kid to eat, why was it necessary for the father to bring McDonald’s? So there might also be a fraud element here.
The mother probably thought she was putting the father on blast by filming him bringing food to the only child he’s obligated to provide for. If the video results in her being arrested for child endangerment, not to mention theft, she’ll have learned an important lesson about casting aspersions on black fathers.


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