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Bhad Bhabie is not to be toyed with

Internets, The video of Danielle Bregoli, a/k/a Bhad Bhabie, throwing a drink on Iggy Azalea was the

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The video of Danielle Bregoli, a/k/a Bhad Bhabie, throwing a drink on Iggy Azalea was the most satisfying female rapper fight, for me personally, since that time Bregoli and Woah Vicky almost got into it at the mall, with the legendary Lil Tay egging them on.
It was better, I would argue, than the fight between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj at Harper’s Bazaar’s New York Fashion Week party, of which there isn’t a very good video. Who amongst us wouldn’t want to see a video of Nicki Minaj going upside Cardi B’s head? Or was it one of Nicki Minaj’s weed carriers?
I was hoping that someone would take Nicki Minaj up on her offer and send in a better-quality video, so we could get to the bottom of this once and for all. She was offering a $100,000 bounty, which seems to be the going rate for intel in modern day rap battles, which have little, if anything, to do with actual rap music. It’s the same amount that Drake was supposedly offering for dirt on Pusha T.
Incidentally, the Bregoli-Azalea fight took place at a Fashion Nova party thrown by Cardi B. I’m assuming that this was a party meant to promote the Fashion Nova brand, not a party in which Cardi delivered a hard-luck spiel and then sent around an order form, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole thing wasn’t covert advertising for the clothing line.
Otherwise, would I have known that there was a Fashion Nova party thrown by Cardi B and attended by Danielle Bregoli and Iggy Azalea, i.e. arguably the top three female rappers in the game right now? I follow a lot of girls on Instagram who both wear and promote Fashion Nova, but the algorithm somehow knows better than to serve me ads for female clothes.
This despite the fact that Fashion Nova is one of the few things I could afford to buy a woman, with entire outfits that cost less than a bottle of wine that would only impress the least discerning of women. I wonder how they can afford to charge so little, aside from the fact that I’m sure it’s manufactured by slaves and/or people in prison. Is it just a matter of scale? Girls who wear that shit tend to have a lot of followers.
Cardi B has her own line of Fashion Nova, which I’m assuming is clothing appropriate for girls who do something strange for some change in the back rooms of ethnic strip clubs. (Just in time for the holidays!) If only this were five years ago, Iggy Azalea could have had her own line. Danielle Bregoli has yet to ascend to that level of fame. Hence throwing a drink on Iggy Azalea.
To hear Bregoli tell it, Azalea had been talking shit about her, and now here she was trying to play nice just because her career is over. In other words, she failed to “keep that same energy"—a cardinal sin in Internets thot culture. Bregoli couldn’t just write a song about Azalea, because who would want to hear that? If there’s two things we don’t want white women to do, it’s rap and run the country. Otherwise they have free reign. Is that not a fair deal?
Bregoli also knew better than to fight Azalea, who’s tall enough to be a runway (wasn’t she pretending to be a model at one point) but with the low center of gravity of a black chick who fights guys on a regular basis. Hilariously, she instead ducks behind a big black guy, who then gives her a piggy back ride out of the building, not unlike Puff Daddy in the "Making the Band 2” sketch from “Chappelle’s Show.”
Bregoli probably wasn’t even born when that episode aired, which just goes to show the eternal nature of megalomaniacal thinking. I mean, if it weren’t already clear from current events.
Take it easy on yourself,

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