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Ari Lennox does NOT look like a dog

Internets, I'm ashamed and deeply upset to have to begin a new decade by explaining that a black woma

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I’m ashamed and deeply upset to have to begin a new decade by explaining that a black woman doesn’t look like a dog.
First of all, a dog has four legs, while Ari Lennox only has two. LOL
No but really, who gives a shit what Ari Lennox looks like?
I don’t even know who Ari Lennox is.
I feel like she’s the topic of discussion at least once per episode of the Joe Budden Podcast, along with Wale, Fabolous, Summer Walker (me neither) and Budden’s numerous battered exes. But that doesn’t bring me any closer to knowing who she is.
I hadn’t so much as seen a picture of her until she was compared to a dog, so this is actually working out well for her. Arguably, she owes the guy who insulted her (a black guy, natch).
She must be talented, because she isn’t anywhere near being attractive enough to have been signed because of her looks. Anyone suggesting otherwise is just trying to be nice.
I can hardly think of a current music celebrity who’s as homely. If Lizzo were height-weight proportional, she’d be more attractive than Ari Lennox—though something tells me she wouldn’t be stripping naked in public nearly as often.
Not that Ari Lennox is terrible-looking. She’s still out of my league.
She’s got a body like she’s spent 10 years or so sitting in a toll booth, eating Funyuns, cursing at white children who throw handfuls of coins at her. She’s got that Buhweet hairdo that a lot of woke, young black chicks have these days. In most photos, she has a look on her face like she’s been asked to produce a photo ID in order to return a pair of blue jeans that she’s already worn.
I’d suggest that she should smile more, but I know that’s a big no-no with a certain kind of woman.
After some guy on Twitter said that she and Teyana Taylor (who has a sick body) look like dogs, Ari Lennox responded with an Instagram Live broadcast in which she wondered why black men disrespect black women, when white and Hispanic men don’t.
It wasn’t clear to me how one black guy saying a couple of black chicks look like dogs became an indictment of every black man there ever was.
If she’s so impressed with how white men treat women, I’d suggest she go get a white man. Except, whenever you see a white guy with a black chick she’s usually at least a solid eight.
What’s more disrespectful than only dating certain races of women if they’re exceptionally attractive? Meanwhile, I see black guys with busted black chicks on the reg.
When I was a young shaver, you never saw Tracy Chapman and Meshell Ndegeocello bitching and moaning about how brothers didn’t want to get with them. That’s just one of the reasons I don’t have any use for young musicians.
Take it easy on yourself,

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