All hail the Prince of Pan-Africanism


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All hail the Prince of Pan-Africanism
By Byron Crawford • Issue #301 • View online
Umar Johnson is arguably the most intelligent black man in America, and I was happy to see him trending on Twitter the other day.
I’m glad that it wasn’t because he’d been arrested by the FBI for rampant fraud, and I hope this only results in bringing his message of love to a wider audience.
Johnson, if you’re not familiar, is the Prince of Pan-Africanism. Like Donald Trump’s personal physician, he has a doctorate from a college of osteopathic medicine, and he’s a certified school psychologist.
Did schools have psychologists back in the ‘90s? I went to a CAC school that probably could have afforded one, but I don’t recall there being one. I feel like I would have known if there was, because I would have used it to make fun of people.
Anyway, Umar has been on The Breakfast Club maybe six times, and at least half of each hour-long interview has consisted of him railing against interracial dating. It’s some of the best entertainment you can find on YouTube, for what it’s worth.
Perhaps needless to say, I disagree with his position on this matter, but I’m glad he’s so committed to it. Interracial dating wouldn’t be as cool if it were unanimously agreed upon, nor would it have provided as many great moments in film.
Plus, not everything he says is wrong. White women are terrible people.
Similarly, I would never donate money to the Frederick Douglass School for Black Guys Who Can’t Read Good, or whatever it’s called, but I’m glad someone has. Umar’s primary product, so to speak, is livestreams in which he shows off donations he’s received. They’re hilarious.
He’s been collecting money for this school for at least five years, and he hasn’t purchased so much as a brick that I’m aware of. He’s probably spent it all on strippers. Supposedly, that’s his thing. One of the other main topics of his livestreams is his love of black women.
Which brings us to his beef with this guy Kevin Samuels. I’m entirely unfamiliar with Samuels. Like, I’ve never heard of him until just now. But apparently he’s one of 12 black guys on YouTube who have built careers based on disrespecting black women.
I think I’m most concerned with the fact that there’s an entire rich ecosystem of soi-disant black life coaches on YouTube who live to talk bad about black women. How did I not know about this? It must be because I have to work for a living.
When I was, erm, home during the day, throughout much of the 2000s and 2010s, it was mostly just Alex Jones. (No one who wasn’t there will believe that Alex Jones was once kind of a good show, but it was!) Imagine how much further along I would be if I had access to black life coaches.
I guess this guy Samuels took a few shots at Umar a while back, and word finally got back to the Prince of Pan-Africanism. Umar indirectly addressed Samuels in one of his humorous livestreams, as if this were the preliminary stages of a great rap beef. Let’s hope no one gets a cap popped in their ass.
Hopefully, this leads to one of the all-time great black intellectual debates, rivaling and perhaps even surpassing W.E.B. Du Bois verzuz Booker T. Washington. In the meantime, I might have to consult YouTube about getting my life together.
Take it easy on yourself,


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