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Akademiks is truly relevant

Internets, Earlier this week, Freddie Gibbs offered $5,000 to any attractive woman who would admit to

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Earlier this week, Freddie Gibbs offered $5,000 to any attractive woman who would admit to having had sex with DJ Akademiks, the social media influencer and host of Complex’s “Everyday Struggle.” He’s just jealous that Akademiks makes way more money than him.
Gibbs also threatened to pinch Akademiks’ nipples in public (ahem) and ruin his career.
Akademiks, meanwhile, has been hamstrung in his ability to respond, having been banned from Twitch and suspended for two episodes from his Complex series for referring to Chrissy Teigen as John Legend’s bitch during a Twitch livestream. He says Teigen once sneak-dissed him. The stress from this Gibbs beef must be causing him to air a lot of unrelated grievances, as if this were Festivus.
Or is that the night before Festivus?
Anyway, Complex can’t be having people out here using sexist language on social media. They’re still dealing with the fallout from last week’s open letter re: the hostile work environment they’ve created for black women. They issued a statement from a Twitter burner account admitting to having fallen short in their mission to not be racist but didn’t actually fire anyone, so the last thing they need is people drawing more attention to this.
They may have also been aware of the danger of going after Teigen. When you say anything negative about Chrissy Teigen, it gets picked up by a lot of media outlets that wouldn’t otherwise cover Akademiks. How else would we even know that he ordered both Legend and Teigen to suck his dick in a Twitch livestream? Isn’t that what people do on Twitch? A few weeks ago, a white chick was let go from the New York Times for casting aspersions on Teigen’s burgeoning, Chinese-run food media empire.
The beef between Gibbs and Akademiks began when Akademiks said something or other about Young Jeezy being more relevant than Freddie Gibbs. I’m sure this is true in the sense that Jeezy, umpteen years after Thug Motivation 101, still sells more records—or album-equivalent units—than Freddie Gibbs. But otherwise it’s not really true. Gibbs dropped arguably the best album of 2019 and then repeated that feat in 2020. He drops a guest verse on pretty much any album worth listening to in the past few years. He certainly seems relevant to me. Does my opinion not count? (Don’t answer that.)
Gibbs got more upset than he probably should have, and responded with all manner of vitriol, though he seemed to be enjoying himself. Akademiks’ response mostly centered on the fact that he has more money than Gibbs. He even offered to produce financial documents proving as much. He must make quite a bit of money shilling for brands on his various social media outlets. (I wonder how much it cost him getting banned from Twitch.) He can’t be making that much from Complex, as an African-American (albeit non-ADOS). Wasn’t that why Joe Budden left? They wanted him to do commercials and then give the money he made to Complex, as if this were slavery.
I’m impressed that Akademiks apparently has so much money, and I’m curious to know how much he has and exactly how he makes it. (He’s not an actual DJ, is he?) And I’m also glad that Freddie Gibbs is devoting the rest of his career to ruining Akademiks’ life, if only because I think it’ll be amusing to watch on social media. I’m not concerned about what this portends for Ak’s supposedly lucrative career, because I don’t know that I’ve ever seen anything that he’s done. If I’ve written about him here or in any of my books, I can assure you I didn’t research it.
Happy birthday America, and take it easy on yourself,
P.S. This newsletter is dedicated to the memory of Bol’s Right Eye (3/4/81-7/3/11).

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