Life in a Shanty Town

By Byron Crawford

The hip-hop newsletter that's not afraid to ask the tough questions

The hip-hop newsletter that's not afraid to ask the tough questions

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Joe Budden, stealth assassin

I was deeply disappointed to hear that Joe Budden lies to girls he makes sweet, passionate love to about having put on a condom. It'll be difficult for me as I continue to use his show as my source of information and as a general guide for how to live my life…


Shame on you, Netflix

The families of Jeffrey Dahmer's victims already had to cope with the fact that their loved ones were eaten, among other things. They shouldn't be forced to relive this trauma in the form of a 10-episode limited series on Netflix.I join Lil Boosie in expressi…

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Nia Long was just a jumping off point

Many wondered why it was necessary for Ime Udoka, who already has access to Nia Long's sweet, albeit aged, vagine, to get with someone on his job... and that's why they haven't coached the Boston Celtics to the NBA Finals.Celtics head coach Udoka, who's takin…


Adam Levine did nothing wrong (musically or otherwise)

Over time, a woman's skin loses its elasticity. They quite literally don't have as strong a grip on men as they once did. We shouldn't be upset with men about this. We should be upset with nature.The fact that Adam Levine's wife was once a model for Victoria'…

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How can a mermaid be black?

I don't always agree with people on 4chan on matters that don't have anything to do with dating and relationships, but they might have a point when it comes to the new Little Mermaid movie.Whose bright idea was it to hire a black chick to play Ariel?It doesn'…


In defense of PnB Rock's girlfriend

Once again misogyny rears its ugly head, this time in the form of accusations that PnB Rock's girlfriend is responsible for his death, just because she posted his location on Instagram, thus tipping off the people who robbed and killed him.Maybe she needed he…

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Investigate Kris Jenner for "grooming"

What kind of parent watches a sex tape featuring their own child?I could see if you're the child's father, and you don't have a relationship with them to the point where you'd recognize them in a photograph.That happens sometimes. While black men are making a…


We stan a dead queen

Queen Elizabeth II reigned over England, and the dark, foul-smelling countries it colonized, for over 70 years—longer than most black people will be alive. We should admire her for her longevity alone, not to mention the example she set for women.Long before …

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What about Kanye's children?

Why should Kim Kardashian have say so ("say say") over where Kanye's kids go to school? Because she's half-white?I'm gonna have to agree with Kanye: Pornography is an absolute menace, and it can't be allowed to destroy his family any more than it already has.…


Serena Williams: Truly a GOAT

It's hardly surprising that Serena Williams continues to dominate girls tennis well into middle age. Just look at her.She's significantly stronger than other female athletes, including her sister Venus, and also most guys.It's a wonder she's never been suspec…

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No, Lizzo will NOT put down the éclair

Why should Lizzo be at all concerned with her health, or, more importantly, her looks, when she's been given a VMA, albeit not in a real category?Meanwhile, where is Aries Spears? Lying naked atop the bed sheets at a Motel 6 in Iowa? Is he not aware of what g…


Never eat at Dinosaur BBQ

I have no idea if the food at Dinosaur BBQ is any good, but I'm assuming it's not, because it's a chain and it's in Buffalo, NY, which, what does Buffalo know from good barbecue?If I were Freddie Gibbs, I wouldn't have had to worry about Benny the Butcher's w…

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Andrew Tate did nothing wrong

Many are upset that Andrew Tate advocates violence against women who accuse you of cheating on them and suggests that victims of steamy non-con sex "bear some responsibility."I'm actually more concerned that he offers men advice on how they can get their live…


Let Rick Ross sell chicken

It was only a matter of time before the war against black men pursuing careers in real estate metastasized into a war against all forms of black entrepreneurship.They already came for selling your body on the street in exchange for drugs, and the fact that we…

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You don't know Michelle Branch like I do

Michelle Branch always kinda looked Hispanic, but I never expected her to behave in such a fiery manner.She's alleged to have gone upside the head of her now-estranged husband, Patrick Carney from the Black Keys, twice, hours after tweeting that he'd been che…


Irv Gotti did WHAT with Ashanti?

In the early 2000s, Fat Joe and Irv Gotti, along with Ja Rule and Ashanti, combined to make the only good commercial rap music.Who can forget cranking up the volume of the great "What's Luv?" The hair on my arm still stands up every time I hear Fat Joe yell, …

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We found love in a hopeless place

After years of being told that they're the least responded to group of people on OkCupid, despite their educational attainment, black women are finding love in the parking lot at Popeyes, and I'm here for it.Not only do I approve of this development, I might …


Since when does the FDA regulate food?

American food is notoriously bad.The bread at Subway can't even be called bread, because it's got too much sugar in it. Technically, it's cake. I'd argue that it's just as delicious, but that's neither here nor there.You can't buy a bag of Skittles in Europe,…

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Why Beyoncé owes Kelis an apology

Many of the least astute among us, on Twitter, are celebrating the release of the new Beyoncé album Renaissance as a triumph not just for Beyoncé, but for black women in general, despite the fact that Kelis hasn't benefited in any way. I question their unders…


I feel entitled to Megan Thee Stallion's body

Internets,I don't have a problem with interracial relationships involving black men and white women, like in many of my favorite films, but I do have a problem with interracial relationships involving white men and black women.So you can imagine my disappoint…